3 Top Foodie Tips For Waking Up Happy!

Article by Hannah Patterson
3 top foodie tips

A wonderful article by our Nutrition Ambassador, Hannah Patterson. Check out her page for more posts.


Good food is smart and you can use it as a tool to help lift your mood and keep you on an even keel.


The beauty is that you don’t need to know that much about nutrition for this to happen. Take heed of some basic dietary rules and have the conviction to add them to your daily routine.


Here are my three favourite foodie rules to abide by every day.



Water is essential to our existence. It is important for every process in our body. Most of us don’t drink enough, which affects our mood, productivity and hunger levels. Drinking more water will stave away headaches and improve digestion. Scientists recommend at least 6-8 glasses (tumbler sized) of fluids a day, which includes tea and coffee, milk and sugar-free cordial. Before consuming anything else, try drinking one glass of water when you wake up over the next week and see the difference it makes.


Eat more fibre

Fibre is awesome. It keeps our digestion healthy and makes us feel satisfied for longer. We should be eating around 30g of fibre per day. Eating at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day and choosing whole grains and high fibre carbohydrates will significantly increase the fibre content of your diet. Try swapping white rice, bread, pastries and cakes for brown varieties, oats, root veggies and fruit for the next week and see the difference it makes.


Get rid of the junk

There is no quick fix to weight loss, increased energy and overall health. Changing your lifestyle so that you’re regularly eating fresh, minimally processed food is key to long-term health benefits. This doesn’t need to be challenging and there are definitely ways to make healthy food look and taste incredible. Schedule in some time in the kitchen this week to create some healthy snacks for yourself and see the difference it makes.

For inspiration, check out the delicious recipes on Honestly Healthy’s ‘Baking and Snacks’ page. The Almond Energy Bars are to live for!

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