About Honestly Healthy

About Honestly Healthy

We love to cook and value having abundant energy from filling up on healthy, feel-good food! We are always looking to create new and exciting twists, flavours and add-ons for meals and snacks to fuel busy days. All Honestly Healthy recipes are super nourishing and are based around all-natural, unprocessed, whole food ingredients. All of our recipes are gluten free, wheat free and cow’s dairy free, but that doesn’t mean you can’t ever eat these things again! We believe in moderation and that the majority of your diet should be made up of natural food to give you good health, but that there is always room for the less wholesome treats we all love, because they nourish the soul!

We love the term flexitarian to describe our flexible way of approaching food, as it gives people the option to choose according to their lifestyle, environment, tastes and beliefs, and therefore makes eating well sustainable. We provide plant-based recipes which are all refined-sugar free, full of colourful veggies, and as organic as you can make them, so that when you cook from scratch at home you are getting in the good stuff. This means that when you go out with friends to restaurants, you can let your hair down and pick what you like from the menu without stressing about going ‘off plan’ or feeling guilty. There is nothing wrong with starting your day with a green smoothie and having a delicious veggie curry for lunch, then scoffing your favourite less-‘healthy’ or meaty dish for dinner – that is being a flexitarian! At Honestly Healthy there are no labels, diets or detoxes, it’s about making long-term, positive lifestyle choices to make you feel your best always.

The Honestly Healthy passion for cooking is not our only mission, we also want to make a change and protect our environment. We are on a quest to help cut down on our food wastage and reduce the negative impact current farming methods have on our health and environment.

We have created this platform to help cut through the marketing noise and give you the tools and expert advice to both improving your health and take the first steps to leading an environmentally sustainable lifestyle.

Our commitment to you:


We understand it is hard to read inbetween the lines of food labels. It is our aim to help guide you with sound advice from trusted sources to showcase only the very best products using wholesome ingredients.


Like you, we hate waste! But by cooking from scratch and by being mindful of portioning, you are left with some delicious and nutritious leftovers you can eat the next day. We make a commitment to you that we will share our simple-to-follow recipes incorporating easy-to-find ingredients so you won’t be buying, and then throwing away, packaged food and too much produce, that has passed its sell by date.


We think processed food should be avoided for optimal good health. Processed food usually has little to no nutritional value – hence why you often still feel hungry after eating it – and therefore shouldn’t comprise the majority of your daily diet. Our aim is to help you gain the skills that will enable you to fall in love with cooking and release your inner-chef by using only the best ingredients that you enjoy eating and that make you feel ALIVE!


All of our recipes are taste-tested to the max! We wont share a single recipe with you unless we are sure it will start a party with your taste buds, like every one of our dishes does with ours!