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Video by CJ Jones Leake

A wonderful video by our fitness ambassador CJ Jones Leake. Check out his page for more posts.

Everything you need for abs & ass on the go!


The question of whether to exercise on holiday often divides us into two camps.

Holidays are an opportunity to press pause and suspend our everyday routines and recalibrate. If that’s you, stepping away for your normal activities is always healthy. Have a wonderful holiday, you don’t need to read on any further.

If you enjoy exercising when you’re away to stay energised and vibrant, the struggle can be finding your fitness groove when you’re travelling. How to get your fix when you’re away from your usual environment. And when to fit it in so it adds to the rhythm of your day instead of complicating it.


If you’re naturally an early riser, or if the vacation breakfast is your holiday high point, you’ll enjoy getting up and at it.

Another reason to go early could be fitting a dedicated slice of your time before you devote the rest of the day to family time. It doesn’t matter when you do it, so long as it doesn’t mess with the flow, for you, or your travel companions.

So, what to do? No matter how good the place you’re staying, hotel gyms don’t have a good rep for providing inspiring environments. Far better to plan ahead and pack well so you can enjoy the view from where you are. Trainers are a no-brainer for walks or runs. A skipping rope for cardio intervals. And a mini stability ball to make sure those core muscles travel with you (you can inflate it when you arrive).


To take the work out of planning your workout, here’s a core programme you can follow on the go.

It works well as a 25-minute stand alone workout. You can add cardio by heading out for a run first. Or turn it into an intervals session by incorporating skipping in between core exercises. Start with 30 seconds and gradually progress to a minute. I’ll show you how to skip with core technique before you begin.


Happy holidays.

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