How To Avoid Food Waste

An Article by Natasha Corrett

Food Waste – Almost half of the world’s food is thrown away, according to the latest figures.


Here Natasha Corrett shares her secrets for transforming what you already have in your fridge.

In the UK almost 50% of food waste comes from our homes. What can we do?

Brits spend a third of their total food budget on fast food, splurging around £110 a month on convenience meals. So what I want to do with my new book, Honestly Healthy in a Hurry is help people save time and money and reduce their food waste at the same time. It’s all about shopping and cooking smarter. So you might spend an hour on Sunday night roasting veg and making grains so everything in your fridge, apart from salad, is ready to eat. It means you can have a curry ready in 10 minutes (by using pre-roasted sweet potatoes), much quicker than delivery.
We throw out more fruit, veg and salad than any other type of foods

How do we avoid the soggy cucumber at the back of the fridge?

I love putting cucumbers in smoothies, r smashing them up with lemon and Himalayan salt and a bit of feta. Cauliflower is another veg that often languishes; if you make cauli fried rice you might still have half a head sitting there. My tip is to either roast it up and add it to salads or make a cauli dip (recipe in Honestly Healthy in a Hurry) or you can steam it and make it into my cauliflower brownies, it’s all about using every last bit of food you’ve got. What if you decide on Friday night you want to go off-piste and try a recipe, not in your original meal plan?
I have provided a special food weight table at the front of the new book which shows both the raw and cooked weight of vegetables and grains. So it means you can just check the weight and use the ingredients you have left from the previous Sunday’s prep – be it roasted squash or cooked quinoa – for any recipe you fancy, whether that’s something from my book or something from Ottolenghi!
laura bond
Laura Bond is a journalist, author and health coach. She specialises in helping clients beat stress, reduce their toxic load and prepare their bodies for babies. To find out more or book a session click here.
Stats from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers
According to the charity Love Food Hate Waste
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