The Baby Blogs Part 2 – Supplements, Peeing & Painful Nipples!

Baby Blogs Part 2   Read The Baby Blogs Part 1 – if you missed the first post!   Supplements You need to start taking folic acid straight away when...
Baby Blogs

Baby Blogs Part 2


Read The Baby Blogs Part 1 – if you missed the first post!



You need to start taking folic acid straight away when pregnant to reduce the risk of Spinal Bifida. I found that Zita West‘s supplements were great as they contain everything I was taking previously and more, so I just added extra B12, as I don’t eat meat and Vitamin D.

I was a little worried about my iron levels because of not eating meat and every time I passed a burger restaurant I started to drool – after years of being vegetarian I was craving red meat! So I started taking Spartone twice a day and the cravings went after I entered the second trimester.



As soon as I fell pregnant, I suddenly found myself wanting to drink litres of water every day and throughout the night. This is because your body is producing twice the amount of blood as normal, so needs extra water. Not that fun considering all you want to do is pee half the time anyway, so life really does become centred around looking for the nearest public loo!



Being so into fitness, I was worried what I could and couldn’t do in terms of my workouts and staying fit. I was told ‘don’t do anything you didn’t do before’, however, I found that quite vague and because I was so tired I did very little exercise, which I now really regret. I couldn’t find any good workouts online that would support pregnancy so because of this, and I’m very excited to announce – I have teamed up with Bumps and Burpees to create a series of workouts for pregnancy through the trimesters!


Growing Boobs and Shooting Nipple Pains

If like me, you have had tiny breasts your entire life, the excitement of your bust blossoming is joyous… except for the pain! Oh, my goodness. Not only are pregnancy boobs agony already, the shooting pains you get in your nipples is like having someone flick an elastic band at them on a cold day. Cold compresses are the only thing that helped me and it does subside after a few days – again, it is just the hormones (are you detecting a theme here?!).

Not wearing underwired bras is important and getting ones that fit also helps. I paid a visit to M&S and was shocked at how ugly their maternity bras were but I would be damned if I was gong to spend hundreds of pounds on fancy bras that I was only going to grow out of. I remember saying to the lady in the shop ‘I might be pregnant but my sex life isn’t over you know’. She laughed!

I have recently found Uniqlo, which has a great range of plain, soft bras which are much more attractive than others and are also really cheap, so I can feel sexy again!


Stomach Cramps

I get frequent cramping that feels like a period pain…. rest assured mummas-to-be (I asked several people, my midwife, Google, and scoured multiple forums!) this is normal. It is just (!) your uterus stretching and growing. Yep, more fun and games that come with a body changing on the daily! Putting your legs up against a wall to help the flow of blood really helps, and drinking lots of water!


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Read The Baby Blogs Part 1

Do any of you mummies-to-be have any tips, stories or advice to share? I’d love to hear your experiences with pregnancy! Tash x

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