The Baby Blogs – Month 4

Month 4 pregnancy Life starts to look rosie again.
The Baby Blogs - Month 4

Baby Blogs 4


Well, I have to say by week 14 overnight I got my energy back and thank goodness! I thought I would be sleeping forever and a day.


The best bit is the gym… I am loving going to the gym again. I am back doing my old routines just slower with a heart rate on making sure I don’t go over 140 and I drink plenty of water.

My back has been playing up a lot but I have found a brilliant Scott Pilates studio in Witney that I am going to now twice a week and doing my pelvic floor exercises regularly and the pain is subsiding. I do them twice a day and I have to say my back has been more pain-free now than it was before I was pregnant.


I love the fact that all the blogs say that you start to feel a movement and it feels like bubbles or a flutter and in reality, it’s just not that romantic! For me, it felt like a twitch or spasm!

I got a great no-nonsense book called the Bump Class by Marina Fogal and Dr Chiara Hunt that I have started reading and find it really objective and informative.


I found a doula who lives near me who I am really looking forward to learning from and having her support through the whole birth process.

I am really keen to have a home birth if nothing goes wrong so having that support from the start will be brilliant and I can’t wait to share with you what I learn along the way.

Food cravings have subsided now apart from eating jars of pickles! Back to not needing carbs and cake and loving green smoothies. I have found though my eating habits have really changed. I need to graze all day rather than having 3 meals. If I eat too much I feel sick which is annoying. So eating lots of little meals through the day seems to help with energy levels, sustaining my hunger and giving me the right things I need.

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