The Baby Blogs – Month 6 part 2

ACID REFLUX & BAXTON HIX I talked about my cure for acid reflux last month but I found that avocado gives it to me like nothing else. So annoying...
Baby blog mont 6 part 2


I talked about my cure for acid reflux last month but I found that avocado gives it to me like nothing else. So annoying as I was living off it! It makes total sense to me though as avocado is high in fat and so you need more acid to break it down in your stomach, so when your stomach is so high up in your body the acid gets pushed up and gives you heart burn. So for now its goodbye to avo on toast and hello to smashed roasted sweet potato on toast.


I have started to get some hardening of my stomach which I was getting a little worried about. I texted my friend who is a senior Midwife Marie Louise and she told me that what I am feeling is Braxton hix contractions or surges which is just my body practicing for the birth. They go pretty quickly and don’t hurt, however was told if they become very regular and sore to call my midwife or go to the hospital.



Well I have to say I am loving my big boobs…. I have always had little knockers so the joy of this and a big cleavage is quite fun! However my upper back seems to be taking the toll so I went to a physio to find out what was the best stretches to do.

I was told that twisting the upper back was the best solution. You can also try this great spine mobility yoga session with our Fitness Ambassador Sophia Butler- Cowdry.



We have had our first hypnobirthing session and I found it really amazing how the understanding of increasing the oxytocin in the body helps to relieve the surges, however using words like pain, contractions and any other negative words increases the fight or flight in the body. Which brings me nicely to how people talk to you when you are pregnant. People seem to feel then can tell you that you are ‘huge’ ‘waddling’ ‘having twins’ ‘enormous’ ‘massive’ – a few of the words thrown at me!


They also like to give you all sorts of advice and tell you negative stories all the time. Our teacher has told us to tell people that we don’t want to hear anything negative, we are aware of the issues that surround birth but we would like to hear positive stories. And once you stop people in their flow of negativity they have to change direction. It’s very empowering.



It seems so early to start shopping but a few things I have already brought to ease the cash flow this month that my friends have told me I can’t live without and some I have been kindly gifted are:

Sleepyhead – This seems really logical and an essential. Your baby has been all bundled up in your stomach for 9 months and then suddenly it’s out in the open with no womb to keep them secure. The Sleepyhead acts like a pregnancy pillow / nest in my opinion its perfect for having in a cot to keep them cosy and secure or having around the house when they are sleeping.


Baby Jogger – city stroller buggy – Living in the country is great for buggy’s but traveling into London regularly I was worried about lugging a large pram on the train. This is for 6 months + but is unbelievably light and even can fit into the overhead locker on a plane… the perfect travel companion, ideal for a holiday. And for someone that hasn’t put a buggy up before its pretty simple and can be done in a fluster!


Cocoonababy – When i went to a friends house her 4 week old baby was just hanging out in one of these on the kitchen table. Apparently it helps them sleep and feel more comfortable. I think i will use mine for around the house when i am doing things and need my little bubba strapped in safely having a snooze.


Blooming Lovely necklace – I love the idea of this. It has a little soft sounding bell in the pendant. It sits on your bump so your baby can hear it and when you give birth you also wear it so it becomes a sound of reassurance for your bubba. Such a gorgeous gift for a pregnant friend.


Baby Mori organic baby clothes – The question is do I only dress my baby in organic cotton? I love the Baby Moro range and the yoga top and trousers are gorgeous. Love the sleep suits too.


Frugi Organic baby clothes – I feel slightly in love with the bee romper i just had to have it as we are the ‘B’ family. Their organic baby grows are so gorgeous and feel so soft. I got a few long sleeve and short sleeve natural ones too.


Pregnancy Ball – My hypnobirthing teacher told me that this is something you really need in the lead up to the birth. It apparently helps to get the baby in the right position and you can sit and lie over it watching tv and apparently really helpful during labour.


Love Boo – Perennial massage oil – I have been told and read that starting to massage the perennial is essential to trying to not tear during birth. So this is a little wonder oil I just got. Apparently to be used from 36 weeks.


3 Sprouts Storage boxes – I think if i buy one more wicker basked my husband might kill me so these are so super cute and great for storing all the bits and bobs that clutter up a room


Ewan the sheep – Ewan emits soothing sounds at a low base frequency and a calming pink warm glow, which when combined, help settle babies and toddlers into a peaceful sleep. Every little helps right!


Meelight –  This little light seems perfect for midnight feeds when you don’t want to put on a side light that wakes up everyone. Also you want to stay away from blue light that naturally kills melatonin production so terrible for getting back to the land of the nods.


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  • Nikki
    17 March 2017 at 3:45 pm
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    Hi Natasha, just wanted to share how powerful hypnobirthing techniques are. I just gave birth 3 weeks ago (first baby) and by using the breathing techniques, visualisations & positive affirmations I learnt I was able to get all the way through dilation at home and no pain relief in the final stages. Escalator breath & ‘surfer on the waves’ i found particularly useful. In our class we also made lavender bags to use during labour and it was amazingly calming to smell whilst focusing on your breathing. I had mine in my hand solidly for about 3 hours. I was so glad I learnt hypnobirthing, found it so inspiring. Good luck when your time comes 🙂

  • Shailee
    23 March 2017 at 9:48 pm
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    Hi Natasha,
    Can you provide some centers for hypno birthing sessions?

    • Honestly Healthy
      24 March 2017 at 9:16 am
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      Hi Shailee, where about are you based?

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