The Baby Blogs – Month 6

Horrendous Hunger, Cheese Grater Thighs & Puffy Eyes.. The Joys of Pregnancy
Baby blog month 6

Growing a baby is hard on the body! But heading into the 6th month you feel invincible! Loads of energy, working out feeling great…. AND THEN IT HITS. The heaviness and tiredness smacks you in the face like a tidal wave. The only thing to do is to retreat to bed, squeeze into a swimming costume and get weightless in a swimming pool.




I have said it in other months but more than ever now the space starts to disappear in your tummy. If you eat a large meal you will feel sick and horribly full! I found that if I ate too late it was uncomfortable when trying to get to sleep, but if you eat too early you wake up in the middle of the night hungry and unable to get back to sleep unless you eat a bowl of cereal! It’s a fine line of no sleep and no sleep!




I was taking 2 Spartone iron supplements a day but I was getting the most insane amounts of diarrhoea, so I stopped for a week, got extremely tired, so went back to 1 again and found it worked well for me. All was back to normal!

Sleep…. Well sleep has improved this month with the pregnancy pillow…. See last months blog to get one. Mr B loves it as he says it keeps me contained on my side of the bed rather than sleeping like a star fish!

Well I know I mentioned gas issues last month but this month it is like there is an orchestra in my very over stretched g-string. The trumpeting is like no other…. It vibrates the bed but thank goodness is odourless as I think my husband would have left by now!




I use to hate swimming but water is my best friend right now. 40 minute baths watching Eastenders or floating in a big pool never wanting to get out. Apparently the water and swimming is really nice for the baby as well. It helps to let them stretch out. But getting out…. It is not enjoyable as suddenly all the weight comes back… be ready.


I found that when I was too tired or traveling to London for the day, the water retention came on thick and fast. The feeling of that ‘piggy’ eye look and thick legs and puffy fingers was pretty intense the only thing to do is drink lots of water, green juice and put your legs up.


Looking in the mirror and seeing a cheese grater for legs – aka cellulite is fun too. Apparently dry brushing and exfoliation is the key to keeping it at bay.




But it’s not all that bad because when you feel your little bubba kick it feels amazing. Throughout the month it gets stronger and stronger. If I didn’t feel it as much one day to the next, my sister gave me some great advice to drink really cold water and then the baby will kick shortly after, and it did. I know the NHS advice is to ‘count the kicks’ however a the beginning stages i found my baby was quite sporadic with its kicking and moving. Sometimes it just wouldn’t really move for a couple days then it would be frantic for another 2. So my friend told me to get a home doppler from Amazon so you can listen into the heart beat – sometimes its hard to find the heartbeat but i found it a reassurance in the end. Now the bubba is much bigger the kicks and movements are far more regular and haven’t used the doppler for about 3 weeks.

(A few people have commented and emailed to say what i am saying is not correct however this is what happened to me and what worked for me. Of course if you are at all worried or concerned that the baby’s movements are not regular just call your midwife and get professional advice – this blog is by no means professional advice – I am a first time mother just finding my way.) 

In the last week of this month my baby was really flipping around like a little alien in there! It is so crazy what your body can do.


We decided to go and have a 3D scan on week 27 and it was amazing… seeing the face. It was so cute, was sucking its toes and playing with the umbilical cord at that point it all started to become very very real….

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    Advice is if your baby has a change in movements , have a ice glass of water/ snacks rest for 30 mins & phone the central delivery suite #countyourkicks don’t buy a Doppler from amazon if your baby has changed movements ask the experts.

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