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chocolate, spots and perineum massage
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Baby Blogs 8


The word heavy comes to mind for month 8 when growing a baby…. Pelvic pain and a lot of waddling is how I am rolling now! I have lapsed on my pilates which is silly as this is the time I need it most. Just getting on the floor and back up again has been amusing but doing your pelvic floor exercises is really important… my husband keeps reminding me (being an ex pilates teacher he really does know best!) He found a brilliant pregnancy app for men called ‘Daddy’ – its funny and practical which is perfect for a man.



This month has brought a whole new level of sugar cravings to the table. I never eat ‘cheap chocolate’ I will always go for raw or dark but this month I have been found to eat bags (BIG bags) of chocolate buttons and munchies every day! Or if I cant get my hands on them I will be found downing bottles of apple juice in front of the fridge! Which brings me to my next point…..



I know it’s the hormones as they are all around my jaw line, but I have not been one to leave a spot to run its course. Squeezing, picking and scratching has brought on beautiful red blotchy marks all over my face. Not a great look! My advice…. Don’t pick and eat less chocolate! I had a little word with myself and after using a new dermatologically approved natural skin care range called Goldfaden MD they went within 10 days. (see below for product)



I pride myself on never getting ill but with being pregnant you are much more likely to pick things up as your immune system is lowered. I caught my husbands cold and I have never known something to last so long! 10 days and the snot is still causing me to snore at night! I drank litres of green juice, turmeric and Manuka honey tea and went to see my acupuncturist who gave me some disgusting tasting Chinese herbs! I found Echinacea throat sweets were really soothing.



This is a touchy subject which I have found recently through social media. – I have been interrogated for expressing my thoughts – no I am not a doctor but I am about to be a mother and I have every right to make a decision based on what I feel is necessary for the safety of my child. I feel its important to research both sides of the story before making my mind up. Speaking to a senior NHS midwife about the whooping cough and flu vaccine I decided against taking them. The reason behind the whopping cough is that its only 50% effective and she said that there isn’t enough research to state it doesn’t have a negative effect on the unborn child. Yes it’s a risk but I personally felt the risk was greater taking the vaccine – again my personal opinion and you must make your own based on your own research.

I have never said ‘I’m not vaccinating’ what I am doing is deciding what, when and how often and taking advice from doctors who like to see both sides of the story.



I have been following advise given from ‘The Bump Class’ book for what to pack in my hospital bag. Even though I am planning a home birth you never know I might need to be transferred or go into labour early! I have included everything me, the baby and husband needs for the first 24 hours. I have also brought a Marie Louise Maternity bag which has wonderful organic cotton and everything you need for the first 24 hours for your baby. The bag is also gorgeous and can be used as a changing bag in the future. I love it!



Now is the time to start the massaging – well they say massaging but feels more like stretching – quite rank and painful to be honest which freaked me out slightly that that is going to be a fraction of what it’s going to feel like! Locked myself in the bathroom and gave it a go…. Need to have a nice bath and try again I think.

Our doula told us we could use our own umbilical cord ties which you can either make yourself or buy on Etsy which is so much nicer than the big clamps they use that get in the way of nappies. I made my own by just platting some string. If you look on Etsy they are so simple but couldn’t bring myself to pay £4.99!




Bravado bras – These bras seem so comfy but also really practical. They also have a wonderful shape fitted into the bra

Marie Louise maternity bag – Everything you need for your first 24 hours in hospital – all organic and the perfect changing bag for after

Goldfaden MD –I have the facewash, cream and also the scrub which i use once a week that really helps to clean the skin.

50 sun blog – Sun Sense – I get really bad sun damage skin and this i have found is the only thing that helps reduce it when going in the sun – but i always wear a hat now too.

Isabella oliver – I have struggled to find nice maternity clothes but i love this shirt that i can dress up for meetings and i also got  the jump suit that is really comfy.

The science of parenting – My therapist told me that this is the only book we need to read to understand the years and years of research behind parenting. I found it fascinating.

Molly & moo hooded towel – I mean its too adorable for words, i can’t imagine how many cute photos i am going to get with it!

Aden and Anis muslins – everyone has told me that i can’t have enough mislins and swaddles so these are so gorgeous and so many wonderful prints and patterns. The ultra soft ones are so so so soft!

Natural Dummies – I found these Hevea dummies that my friends have told me about. I also love this site I found for all organic baby goodies!

Ergo Swaddle – After watching Taking Cara of Babies online sleep course she recommended a tight fitting swaddle that keeps your baby really secure. So I found these gorgeous Ergo ones that seem like they would do the trick really well. I have two incase one gets dirty at night!

GroEgg I really like this temperature egg because it glows a different colour if the room is too hot or cold. It is very simple to use and makes me feel confident that I can keep my little one the right temperature.

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