The Baby Blogs – Month 9

Appetite, Blessingway, weight increase, midwife & accupuncture.
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Baby Blogs 9


It’s the last push and this month I have really come to the conclusion that growing a little human is hard work. You tend to just see pregnant women and think it’s a piece of cake but this last month is trying. Feeling like a sluggish hippo wading in the mud is not all it’s cracked up to be!




The first part of the month I was ravenous…. Wanting to eat all the time, literally stuffing large plates of food in my mouth never having enough – my portions were nearly the same as my 6ft 4-inch husband! However, towards the end of the month, my appetite started to go and a veggie salad was more than enough – thank god the carb fest obsession started to dissipate.




Most people host a baby shower in the last few weeks but my sister had something called a “blessingway” for her babies which I did for a friend of mine a few years ago which I think is a much more spiritual and special way to start your journey to motherhood. It is an ancient traditional healing ceremony of the Navajo.

It’s to give the mother strength for the deeply spiritual rights of passage during birth. There are lots of different parts to the ceremony but the day my sister organised was amazing. We all had lunch then made candles and clay candle holders.  When you go into labour you or your partner texts your friends to light the candles so that you have a strong unity supporting you during this powerful transition.

After this, each of my friends read a poem that was put into a book that would help to support me through this journey – it’s so gorgeous having them all in a book so during the labour my husband can read them to me.

We then had a piece of string tied around all our hands to join us together that we all keep on until the baby is born.  This unites the women’s circle even more and can look down at my bracelet and remember the strength of the women supporting me.

Of course, we then had lots of cake and my friends so kindly gave me flowers and presents for my little bubba.



Pretty much every day I have felt the hiccups! It is so cute – but also is a bit like a tired eye twitch you can’t get rid of! I found that walking around for a few minutes managed to get rid of them quite quickly.




This month has been an emotional roller coaster. I have put on so much weight I feel enormous. I know a lot of it is water and baby weight that will drop off, but I have also been eating like a horse. Even foods I wouldn’t normally eat like magnums, loads of pizza (because we just had a pizza oven installed in the garden… oops!) and I have just kept telling myself to enjoy it if I want it. Waiting for the baby to come is like watching a kettle boil!




Choosing to have a home birth has been a brilliant experience. We have our pool all set up and have my ‘alter’ with pictures of my ‘safe’ space, flowers, candles and crystals ready to help me through more difficult times during the labour.


I have been blown away by the NHS’s support in a home birth, I have had a visit and explained exactly how it works when they come to the house. I have two dedicated midwives and at any point, they sense a problem an ambulance will be called and will be transferred. But they bring everything with them including resuscitation equipment which is really reassuring.




I have been seeing an acupuncturist throughout my pregnancy and to help induce me naturally I went to see him a couple times…. It definitely started some serious Braxton Hix…. (more on this in my next post)




Oh, the glory of a nap when you have nothing else to do in the afternoon. The end of my pregnancy I was exhausted and found that listening to my Hypno-birthing tracks really helped to send me off to sleep in the afternoon for good two-hour chunks…. Good practice for learning to nap when the baby comes!

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