Balanced Training & Movement Workout

Video by Adam Stansbury

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Balance has become the buzz word in the health and wellbeing industry over the last few years and for good reason.



Many of today’s habits and obsessions can all too easily and quickly push us out of balance, and we know that everything on this planet functions optimally when in balance.  The term for balance within the body is homeostasis and is essential for the optimal functioning of each part and the synergistic relationships of systems throughout the body.


Exercise and activity levels either excessive or sedentary can also push us out of balance, causing fatigue, injury or weight gain and illness as some examples.  The body moves in multiple directions and needs strength, fitness, mobility, power, flexibility etc to function at its best.


That’s where today’s workout comes in, in this workout we are going to perform a workout that hits many of these bases at once, using your own bodyweight and from the comfort of your own home, making sure that you stay in balance with your body.


Here is a Balanced Training & Movement Workout for you to try!


With BALANCE as our focus, we will be working on activation, mobilisation, warm up, and the workout, which is a balance of lower, upper and core exercises. This workout will improve overall body movement, control and fitness and is the perfect accompaniment while you are following the Honestly Healthy Green and Lean Plan


Activation – 5 mins

Wrist Mobilisations

Shoulder Opening

Glutes – Fire Hydrants, Hip Circles, Bent Knee Kickbacks, Frog Bridges

Core – RKC Plank, Hollow Body Holds


Animal Flow Mobilisation – 5 mins

Loaded Beast to Beast UnLoad x 5

Crab Reach x 5


Dynamic Warmup – 5 mins

– Pogo Jumps 1 x 30

– Star Jumps

– Hand Walkouts

– Wide Outs

– Hip Rockers


HIIT – Lower, Upper, Core – 10 Minutes

A1 – Lateral Lunges 3 x 10

A2 – Crab Reach 3 x 5

A3 – Side Hip Ups 3 x 10

A4 – Skaters 3 x 20

A5 – Wave Unload 3 x 5

A6 – Abdominal Hip Thrusts 3 x 20


Stretching – 5 mins



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