How To Beat Bad Desk Posture

Video by Sophia Butler-Cowdry

A wonderful video by our fitness ambassador, Sophia Butler-Cowdry. Check out her page for more posts.


Good posture is absolutely essential to a happy and healthy body. Watch the video and find some tips below, on how to beat bad desk posture.


Not only does good posture look better, as we stand taller and look a little thinner! Also, and more importantly, our body has to work less intensely to keep us in an upright position. The bones of the skeleton and its supporting soft tissues are in comfortable alignment working with gravity, and not so much against it.


This fitness routine is designed to effectively work parts of the body that weaken over time.


This happens due to desk-based living and slumping forwards with our phones or at the computer. Bad posture leads to shoulder pain, back ache, headaches, difficulty breathing and difficulty standing tall.  It can also prevent us from moving our bodies efficiently for any given activity.


Commonly, the mid and upper back muscles, as well as the backs of the shoulders and between the shoulder blades, are weak and in a constant stretched position. These need to be strengthened to bring us upright again and make the back flatter. Conversely, muscles of the upper chest and front of the shoulders are shortened from slumping and keep pulling us forwards.

By gently stretching open these areas we create space in the upper chest again. This lets us flatten our upper back and roll our shoulders open and down our backs.  Strengthening the stretched areas and opening up the shortened areas creates a balance between muscle groups of the upper body.


A more balanced body is one at ease and relaxed in itself.


No major areas are having to compensate or work over time for weaknesses elsewhere. This workout will encourage a more functional, happier body that works efficiently for everyday living.  You can do it regularly throughout the working week, on a lunch break or while dinner is in the oven.


It will also help you stay strong while you are following the Honestly Healthy Green and Lean Plan.



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