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Holistic Home Remedies

Run out of deodorant? Feel a cold sore coming on? Rather than rush to Boots 

try these home remedies.


Baking Soda

As well as making your muffins rise, baking soda (also known as bi-carb soda) is a

powerful odour killer. For a homemade deodorant simply mix half a cup of baking

soda with half a cup of coconut oil and 15 drops of essential oil and store in a glass

jar. You can also sweeten a smelly fridge by simply leaving a few spoons of baking

soda in a bowl and if you’ve been cooking with onions or fish try rubbing your hands

together with lemon juice and baking soda.


Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is arguably the most useful item in your pantry. It’s great for removing

grime and make-up when you’re out of cleanser and is handy to keep in the bedroom

as a massage oil and lubricant. Suffer from cold sores? At the first sign, apply coconut oil immediately. Around half the fat in coconut oil is made up of the immune-boosting agent lauric acid. In the body lauric acid converts to monolaurin, a substance that destroys viruses such as herpes, which cause cold sores [1].


Tea Bags

Terrible night sleep and big night planned? Leading London dermatologist Dr. Sam

Bunting says tea-bags really can work: ‘Cold tea bags under the eyes works quite well – they will help vasoconstrict, which means they will reduce any fluid accumulation, as will the caffeine, it’s as good a tip as any really, puffiness is quite hard to combat with topical things.’



Unbearable period cramps? Try this: peel and chop a small knob of ginger and simmer on the hob with a cup of water for fifteen minutes, then strain and drink with a little honey. A double blind study of young women suffering from menstrual pain found ginger powder (in capsules) was found to be as effective as ibuprofen [2].

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