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Are Allergies Making you Overweight?

While most of us long for Spring – the feel of sun on our skin, picnics in the park - for allergy sufferers it can mean streaming noses and itchy eyes. Reaching for medication might seem like the simplest solution but it could have unintended consequences. Read on...

A 2010 study from Yale University found that participants who took antihistamines regularly were heavier than those who did not. The study, which was published in the Journal of Obesity [1], compared the body weight of 867 adults and their prescription antihistamine use. The two antihistamines most commonly mentioned were cetirizine (Found in Boots Hayfever & Allergy Relief 10mg Tablets [2]) and fexofenadine.


The study does not directly link allergy medication to weight-gain, however animal studies suggest it warrants further research. Studies show that giving mice antihistamines increases their appetites. It’s also true that antihistamines can make us drowsy, which in turn can zap motivation to go to the gym and make us reach for high-energy foods.

But food can be your friend. Try including these ingredients to stop the sneezing and wheezing:



You may have heard that turmeric can help protect against cancer and Alzheimer’s and now research shows it might help with allergies too. In one study animals treated with curcumin show a marked reduction in allergic response. Try a Wonder Workshop Organic Golden Turmeric Powder latte for a yummy hit.



Having healthy gut bacteria not only helps us stay trim – according to the latest science – but specific probiotic strains have been shown to reduce allergic symptoms. Check out this study on Kimchi [3] and try to eat fermented or cultured food daily.



Bromelain, an enzyme found in pineapple, has powerful anti-inflammatory effects, which have been shown to reduce symptoms of allergic airway disease [4]. Try blending pineapple pieces, coconut milk, coconut water and a few mint leaves for an anti-allergy smoothie.

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