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Quick & Healthy Breakfasts for When You're in a Hurry!

Are you bored of chia pudding, need to shake up your smoothie but still want to feel nourished first thing in the morning? A recent survey found that 60 per cent of Brits eat the same seven meals every week [1]. With most of us living life at break-neck speed, it’s no surprise we tend to fall back on old favourites. But even if we eat porridge every morning – a healthy choice – the lack of variation can mean we’re consuming a more limited variety of vitamins, minerals and essential fats - it's important to change it up!

Try these three new recipes from Honestly Healthy in a Hurry to spice up your breakfast routine:

Sweet Potato Porridge

With roasted sweet potato and grated carrot you’re injecting vitamin A and C into this warm bowl of comfort. Plus the cinnamon and coconut oil will help offset sugar cravings, meaning you’re less likely to reach for the mid morning muffin.


Recently named one of the nation’s favourite foods, these are not usually considered a health food. But then, these Honestly Healthy crumpets are free from preservatives, E numbers and added salt and sugar. Made with rice milk, gluten-free flour and topped with a blueberry or Pomegranate Molasses you can indulge guilt-free! This recipe is also available as a pre-prepped TastyBase, making healthy breakfasts even easier.

Strawberry and Beetroot Protein Shake

The strawberries in this smoothie will provide a potent hit of Vitamin C and the little known plant flavonoid fisetin; which helps switch on a detox pathway in the body. Beetroot can boost oxygen transport to the muscles – great if you’re about to do a workout– and can improve digestion. The vanilla, coconut yoghurt and cashew butter make this one shake you wont want to share.

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