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Jo Wood

Jo Wood has founded her own fab cosmetic company called Jo Wood Organics. We at HH are big fans of all her products as she is a pioneer of all things organic and sustainable. She is also a bit of a budding gardener and is on hand with tips for us on how to perk up our kitchen gardens a little.
Q. Where did your passion for all things organic come from?
A. It stemmed from my illness back in 1990 when I was misdiagnosed with Chrones  disease. After 2 years of being on steroids I met an amazing herbalist who opened my eyes to the organic world. I thank him everyday for changing my life as without him I might not be here today.
Q. How did you become such a good gardener? What is the best, most simple gardening tip you could give for any beginners out there?
A. I wouldn't say I was a good gardener as I do rely on other people to teach and help me. The best tip I could give to a beginner is don't be too adventurous to start with…. start with simple things like tomatoes and herbs and you'll get the bug when you've tasted your first tomato you've grown.
Q. What is your approach to food and you opinion on sugar and meat?
A. I'm appalled by the processed food that we are feeding the people on. There needs to be such a great change and we just need to look at the illnesses that that are out there caused by processed foods. I'm not a great believer in meat – it should be eaten rarely or up to once a week if you have to and sugar I steer clear of, only as an absolute special treat.
Q. What would be your last meal on earth?
A. An organic salad from my garden and a pot of caviar.
Q. What is your favourite ingredient that you grow in your garden?
A. Most of the things I grow in my garden are all favourites – I get great pleasure in just  being able to walk outside and pick my dinner.
Q. What small changes could we make that wont cost our wallets too much but that would do so much for the planet?
A. If everybody bought one item of food that was organic it creates such a demand.

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