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Louise Hazel

So Louise is a pretty impressive lady - anyone who can master 7 track events as a heptathlete is impressive in our eyes. Not only that but she is a Commonwealth gold medalist and competed in the olympic games in her sport. She now runs something called The Podium Effect which is a nutritional and exercise based plan to get you looking great without the confines of costly gym memberships.

Q. What made you decide to become a Heptathlete?

A. I was a natural all-rounder when it came to sport, I used to play netball, tennis, hockey, football and rounders at school so it only seemed natural when I started athletics to compete in multiple events. As a natural sprinter this combination of power and speed lent itself to many events like 100m, 200m hurdles, long jump and high jump.  

Q. How do you manage your nerves before an event?

A. I channel nerves into excitement,  rather then think of all of the things that might go wrong. I would focus on what could go right! Being a performer at any level, you need confidence and self-belief and this is often the difference between success and failure on and off the track.  

Q. What do you eat on the day of an event – do nerves make it hard to eat?

A. Pre-heptathlon nerves are the worst and I used to find it very difficult to eat breakfast, which is the most important meal of the day considering you don’t eat your evening meal until 11pm at most championship events. I would always try to get through a bowl of yoghurt and fruit with granola and half a banana. Until my first event I would sip on sports drinks and snack on jelly beans!  

Q. What is your winning celebration meal?

A. Good question, it tends to be steak and sweet potato fries with rocket and tomato salad – the food of champions!  

Q. When your motivation is low – how do you boost yourself back up again?  

A. I remind myself to be thankful for the small things in life, such as good health and support. Normally this is enough to get me off of my backside and down to the gym.  

Q. What is your favourite Honestly Healthy dish?

A. Bircher muesli – I liked it so much I have adapted the recipe for The Podium Effect. What I love about bircher muesli is how fresh it tastes and how easy it is to to add whatever topping you have available. There’s nothing worse than having the same thing for breakfast week in week out.  

Q. What food could you not live without?

A. Chicken – I could eat it at any meal, in an omelette, in a salad and roasted with winter vegetables! My family originate from Guyana, and we have strong West Indian roots so when I go home there is nothing better than family recipes.  Check out our articles from Louise to help you get moving and stay in shape.

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