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Calling All Window Gardeners!


If we ever make it to Australia we would so love to go to The Greenhouse Restaurant in Perth. Their menu looks so deliciously simple yet it celebrates the very best of each ingredient – looks like they have some fab veggie options too. One day…

Heard about it through Australian Masterchef by the way – the best programme on TV and a must watch for any foodie. The reason we are 
blabbering on about them though is that as seen in the picture above, they have a pretty impressive window garden – if you could even call it that! Window gardens are so easy to grow and any foodie should have one if they don’t have a garden. Here are some top tips to get started:

  1. Decide what you want to grow & what plants/veg will thrive best in the spaces that you have. Remember, most things need lots of light so make sure you have an appropriate window. Ideally you want 5 hours of sunshine or more in the summer.
  2. Don’t go all out and crowd your windows. Plants need space but there are all sorts of different shapes & sizes of pot out there – you can even make your own out of recycled kitchen items. The deeper the pot though, the wider the variety of plants you can grow try a 20cm (great for salad) or 30cm (good for carrots & root veg) deep tub if you can.
  3. Make sure you secure your pots well – the last thing you want is all that hard work going out the window (pun intended – sorry could not resist!).
  4. Try to find compost that is specifically designed for containers as it will contain added nutrients which will allow your plants to thrive from the outset – try this organic one from B&Q.
  5. Put some stones at the bottom of the pot – this will help any excess water to drain away.
  6. Make sure you are watering your plants – quite often the rain won't get to them if there is a window overhang or you are in a sheltered area. Don’t over water them though - a nice wide sprinkling works well.
  7. As your plants are in a pot/box, they will use up the nutrients in the compost quite quickly so you may need to feed them – again, try this organic one.
  8. Try growing something like nasterchums among with your veg – not only do they look pretty but they taste good, too!
  9.  Different herbs need different things – basil & mint need lots of room to grow so make sure you use a big enough pot. Compact herbs like thyme are better in a smaller pot.
  10. Mixed salad leaves, aubergine, peppers, tomatoes, carrots, beetroot, kale, parsley, basil, mint, thyme, rosemary, radishes, strawberries and edible flowers are great things to get going with.
For the best organic seeds, plants and info check out this website

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