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Hydrate Hydrate!

We are in such a lucky position in the Western world that we can just turn on a tap and voila - water comes out! But somehow, we all still forget to drink enough water. Wonder why you get headaches? Generally this is your body telling you that you are de-hydrated - not that you need a paracetamol! Best ways to re-hydrate yourself….
  1. In a glass of water add a splash of fresh apple juice.  This will help to carry the water molecules across the cellular membrane to help hydrate you from the inside out.
  2. Drink coconut water – you can find this in almost every shop these days. Coconut water is like a natural IV straight into your arm and is the perfect balance between salt and sugar. Great when hot on the beach or after a work out to hydrate your cells again.
  3. After your cup of hot water and lemon on waking (the best way to start your day & alkalise the body) drink 2 large glasses of water. After a night of sleep your body needs water to help flush out the build up of toxins – be kind and give it a helping hand!
Staying hydrated will help with natural weight loss, better productivity, improved performance for exercise, it will brighten your skin and will relieve fatigue  -all of which help you to look younger. So start drinking!

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