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FAST FACTS On Acidity and Toxins

Why is being in an acidic state so bad for our health?  For this we need to understand what a toxin is…
  • Toxins are poisons produced by your body’s own processes, or those occurring in nature, or obtained from manmade sources. Manmade sources come from pesticides in your food, gas given off by your new carpet, chemicals in your water, that new car smell, toxic minerals used by industry and tons of other sources including prescription drugs and chemotherapy. 6,000 new chemicals get added each week to the chemical pile up. Environmental intolerance is a big issue.
  • Many toxins produced by petrochemicals are xenoestrogens, meaning that they mimic estrogen in the body and contribute to hormone imbalance with subsequent immune suppression.
  • The body is designed to detoxify itself. However, when external sources of toxicity are added to the mix those normal detoxification processes become overwhelmed. External toxins add to the “total body load”. The liver is the body’s main organ of detoxification. A fully functional liver supports immune system function. The immune system is part of your body’s detoxification arsenal.
  • Toxins cause free radicals that destroy cells in the body and bind to cytokines (immune system information pathways) damaging those immune system pathways resulting in reduced immune system function.
Acidity in the body creates toxins which in turns create a ‘Dis – ease” in the body Foods to avoid that create acidity in the body
Acidic Item Reason
Refined Sugar Highly addictive, encourages obesity, and diabetics
Cows Dairy & Meat PH of milk when digested is acidic, Massive amounts of hormones in farmed animals which is highly toxic for the body
 Surprisingly alkaline items
Sheep, Buffalo, Goats produce All alkaline – goats milk is the closes in hormones balance to humans
Lemon Highly alkaline once digested

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