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Why Pilates? by Chloe Hodgeson

Why Pilates? How does it help the body? What are the benefits? Run down? Stressed? Tired? Over worked? Not enough hours in the day?  This is life in the 21st century although sometimes it seems it’s less about living the 21st century, more like surviving the 21st century!  Nowadays it seems that it’s the norm to live a frenetic life driven by a desire to achieve more than what we have already, and although this drive is usually positive, it can often over stimulate ourselves to the extent that we don’t listen to the needs of our bodies and consequently we become worn out. So, if you want to really start realising your potential and performance, nurture yourself from the inside out.  Start by making 2 big changes to your life…. eat a Honestly Healthy diet and take up Pilates! Pilates is great for everyone. Whether you’re pregnant, injured, old, an athlete, a weight trainer, a dancer.... Depending on your body and what you are trying to achieve, you can gain any of the below aspects from taking up Pilates:
  •      Improve your overall body strength
  •      Improve your flexibility and posture, keeping the body mobile
  •      Helps to prevent or reduce injury
  •      Improves your coordination, stability and balance
  •      The precise and controlled movements will target specific muscles especially your local stabilising muscles.
  •      It will help build long, lean muscles by combining exercise and stretching
  •      It is an effective body-sculpting workout
  •      A dynamic class will deliver cardiovascular conditioning benefits, therefore helping your burn fat and lose weight!
By Chloe Hodgeson

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