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8 Reasons to get your running shoes on in the winter

1. You'll be fitter in the spring Taking the winter off, means coming back rusty in the spring and needing a few weeks to get back to top form. Runners who keep up their training during the winter stay fit throughout and can set higher spring running targets.  If you are a skier it will help you to get fit for the slopes too.

2. It energises you Colder weather can leave you feeling more tired than usual, so it can be hard to get out the door and start running. But it’s not true that you’ll get more tired – running has been shown to actually boost your energy levels.

3. You get the best weather in the morning (most of the time) You can never be sure, but experienced winter runners say that dawn is the best time to run. The air is usually freshest and it’s the best light of the day.

4. You’ll warm up quickly Even if it’s cold, you’ll find that you don’t need to wear excessive amounts of layers. Getting a good outer layer is the best idea – it can keep you dry and warm, and it’s breathable so you don’t sweat too much.

5. You can be achieving goals all winter It’s a good idea to set yourself a mini target that you want to hit by the spring. It can give your winter running a purpose and it can also boost your morale to look ahead to the end of winter.

6. It’s an excuse for new running gear Using last year’s gear can also reduce your motivation. Getting a new set of trainers or a piece of apparel can inspire you to get out there and try them out.

7. You won’t let down your running buddy Running in the winter is made easier with a partner or a group. Knowing there are others waiting for you can be the motivation you need to get out of bed. And on very cold days, it’s nice to be out there with friends rather than alone.

8. Difficult terrain helps you improve your technique Winter weather can mean your route is more slippery. Your lower leg muscles will get stronger as they work to keep you balanced and upright. Make sure you also get the right kind of shoes, whether you’re road or trail running. Pop into Pro-feet or Asics to get fitted for a personalised pair of trainers.

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