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5 Tips for a Spinning Virgin

Ever tried a spin class?  Ever heard friends say it's hideous but amazing at the same time?  Well, this is what to expect if you are a spin virgin.
  1. Make sure you get your seat & handle bars adjusted to the right height as this will help with possible back ache
  2. It can get competitive in that hot dark room so just push yourself to your limit
  3. You will sweat so wear limited clothing
  4. Stay hydrated
  5. Eat no less than 2 hours before a class
Once you have done 1 class go and do 2 more… it takes a few to get that love for your spin bike… Spinning is a love/ hate relationship – you will hate it when you do it but love the feeling after… Remember you can burn 800 calories in 1 class… worth the pain?!

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