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Fridge Fill Review By Dale Pinnock

The first big thing that struck me about Honestly Healthy Fridge Fill was the delivery service. One of my biggest pet hates is that awful ‘sorry we missed you’ delivery card left behind by drivers, when you have to go out. For those of us with a busy life, these things are a common occurrence. Honestly Healthy deliveries come at night!! To me, this is a stroke of genius, and is the perfect solution no matter what kind of crazy schedule you may have. Now to the best bit. The food! In my line of work I have tasted the wares of every imaginable purveyor of healthy food, so its always an absolute joy to be pleasantly surprised. The food was good. Really good! The smoothies were great, but it was the main dishes and snacks that really buttered my muffin. Talking of which.....Tash’s berry muffin is the best muffin I have ever tasted. Ever! Hands down! Watch out Mary have Honestly Healthy hot on your heals. I loved the baba ganoush! Wow....and those ginger bread bites!! With the main dishes, the sesame burger was great, and the thai green curry was delicate, fragrant and just enough portion wise. I felt light, satisfied, and contently full, and had my taste buds tickled at the same time. The winning combination. Honestly Healthy Fridge Fill is the perfect option if you want to make a commitment to healthy food, yet dont want to be a slave to your kitchen, or you want to take some of the guess work out of healthy eating, then this is the service for you!

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