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Top 10 Natural Beauty Products

So lots of you think about where your food comes from (at least we hope you do) and you might choose to go to an organic butcher or a local farmers' market. But what about your beauty products? That oil you so meticulously massage into your hair might actually contain a powerful chemical that is also used as a pesticide - or that deodorant you are using might contain powerful carcinogens.

All of these cosmetics are absorbed by our skin into our bodies so why take less care on these than you would about the food you eat? We are all about natural & organic at HH so here are our top 10 natural beauty products to use. Daily Supplement Moisturising Cream by REN We love REN and are lucky enough to work closely with them. All of their moisturisers feel so clean on the skin – none of that sticky residue after you put it on! Lushness in a cream. Bath oil by ILA This is the most incredible bath oil – your skin feels so moisturised when you get out of the bath. Quite often there is a residue left on your skin when you get out which you can rub into your skin. It smells amazing and clean and is the ultimate way to start a cozy night in Body Scrub by NEOM Organics Not only do NEOM do amazing candles, but their beauty products are amazing too. This scrub smells amazing & leaves you glowing like an angel after your bath or shower. John Masters Organics Shampoo & Conditioner We love the fact that on their website John Masters state that they want to ‘create a luxury beauty line that treats the earth with respect’. Need we say any more – except that it is the most amazing shampoo. Himalayan Bath Salts by Therapie Himalayan salt is not only great in your cooking but it is amazing as a bath salt – this one by Therapie is a particularly good one. Designed as part of a self-healing program, it helps to relieve stress & restore energy levels by relaxing the body before bed.  It also helps to balance pH levels so is great for us alkalites. Echium & Argan Gentle Eye Cream by Pai Skincare If you are stressed and need to get rid of those dark circles under your eyes, this will do you the world of good. A small amount goes a long way while it is great for sensitive skin too. Energizing 9-Oil Skin Tonic by MV Organic Skincare If you are prone to blackheads and the odd spot then this is a great product which will cleanse, brighten and detox the skin. It is also great if you have sun-damaged skin. Neal’s Yard Eyeliner An organic approved eyeliner which even contains white tea! It’s a goodun which lasts. Lucy Bee Coconut Oil Now you may think that this should be reserved for cooking, but coconut oil has so many other amazing uses. Massage it into your skin or hair – not only will it smell amazing but it feels pretty good too! BB Cream by REN Love this so much – it is so smooth and gives an amazing, light tone to the skin and all the while it is doing you the world of wonders.            

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