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How to Stay fit on holiday

We work so hard to get fit and gorgeous for our holidays then we tend to let it all go when we are on them and have to start all over again when we get back…. #notideal. If you want to look and feel better all the time you need to keep things ticking over.  We think that a few simple feel good exercises will keep your halo polished even when you are having a holiday.
  1. Take trainers with you
  2. Put a good play list which lasts 20 minutes
  3. Find a space either in your room, on the beach or in open space
  4. Try a HIIT programme workout – no equipment necessary
  5. Do 5 minutes of yoga salutations each morning
  6. Go for a run twice a week on the beach
  7. Get your friends or family to do it with you – the more the merrier
  8. Swim in the sea or pool for 20 minutes each day
  9. Walk along the beach each morning
  10. Try a new sport like tennis

20 minutes 3-4 times in a week will keep your heart racing and your fitness levels up to your normal standard and your guilt levels to an absolute zero so you can fully indulge.

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