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5 Mince Pie Busting Exercises

So if you are not a gym bunny but you want to get working out this January, then we can help. Try out these bad boys from personal trainer Papillon Luck to get you going. Remember to warm up first and try to go for 40 seconds on each exercise and repeat each one 4 times! Good luck!
  1. Bicycle crunches – Lie on your back, straighten one leg hovering 1-2 inches off the ground. Bend the opposite leg, bringing your knee to meet your opposite elbow as you crunch. Repeat on other side alternating between fast & slow speeds.
  2. Squat Jumps – Stand with feet shoulder width apart. The hands can be placed either on the hips, side of the head or out to the front for balance. Knees should bend lowering the backside to the ground until the thighs are parallel to the ground & the knees are bent at 90 degrees. Straighten the legs until upright again without locking out the knees & repeat. As you rise up, jump upwards & return to the ground going straight back into a squat.
  3. Alternate squat thrusts – Start in a press up position, bring one knee to the elbow on the same side. The knee should be bent with the backside touching the heel. Shoot the foot out extending the legs until back in the start position. Repeat on other leg in quick succession.
  4. Burpees – A squat thrust followed by a jump. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, bend the knees, reach down & place the hands on the floor so you are sitting on your heels in a crouch position as a squat thrust. Transfer all the weight onto your hands & thrust the legs out & back as a normal squat thrust. From squatting position, jump up feet leaving the floor before hitting the ground again & returning to the squatting position & starting again.
  5. Lunge Jumps – Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, take a large step forward with the right leg. Now lower until the right thigh is parallel to the ground. The right knee should be at 90 degrees & the trailing knee should not touch the ground but be about an inch from it. If skilled, jump the legs in the air as they switch position.

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