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New Year's Resolution - give up or take up?

So who is still going with their New Year's resolution? What was it this time?

‘This year I am going to lose weight’ ‘This year I am going to quit smoking…promise’ ‘This year I am going to stop getting so stressed’ ‘This year I am going to give up bread (but only during the week)’

Really? How many times have you actually stuck to it. I don't ever remember having a conversation with anyone in June saying:

“So when did you give up bread?” “Well, it was my New Year’s resolution actually.

Lets face it, the words ‘New Year's resolution’ are hardly whispered come March, let alone June. Lots of people look at it as a way of ‘stopping’ or ‘giving up’ something so maybe this is where the pitfall lies? Others however promote ‘taking up’ something. HH does not really believe in ‘stopping’ or ‘giving up’ things because denying yourself something is unsustainable in the modern world - especially when it comes to diet. We are therefore very much in the ‘taking up’ camp. Here are some suggestions…

‘I am going to take up eating HH chocolate brownies’ ‘I am going to take up doing a weekly shop on Sundays so that I can always have a healthy meal’ ‘I am going to take up doing things I thought I never would’ ‘I am going to take up an alkaline lifestyle’ 'I am going to take up making better bad decisions’ ‘I am going to take up cooking at least 1 brand new dish a month’ ‘I am going to grow a plant (and keep it alive)’

And our favourite ‘I am going to take up saving so that I can go to 'X' restaurant this year (our choice Grain Store)’. Foodie adventures with loved ones are the best. And finally...I am going to be able to do this! David-Main-Image

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Apletanrpy this is what the esteemed Willis was talkin’ ’bout.

Feb 08, 2016

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