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Snack While you Cleanse

Believe it or not, snacking is actually a vital part of a thorough cleanse. Remember, cleansing is all about reducing the stress on your body and redressing the acid/alkaline balance. A body that is regularly fuelled will be able to focus its energy on releasing toxins and rebooting the system.  A body that is hungry will be focusing its energy on preserving energy & protecting the system . You therefore need to make sure that you are doing all you can to help the body out when on a cleanse, and this means making sure you are not going hungry thus causing excess stress. Remember, stress is highly acid forming and is one of the major causes of disease. So why are blood sugar levels so important - we are always going on about them after all? Well it is all to do with glucose. Glucose is human fuel derived from our digested food, and is pumped around the body providing us with energy (if created in excess, glucose is stored in the liver, while most is saved as fat). Balancing these glucose levels is easy, so long as you are eating a balanced diet (no excess carbohydrates & processed foods) and that you are regularly fuelling the system. However, if you fuel it with the wrong things you can actually cause more harm than good. We would always recommend balanced meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner and a morning and afternoon snack - think plates popping with colour & not too many white or beige items! Great snacks to include are those not too high in sugar - think crudités and hummus, vegetable juices, gluten free crackers, nuts, seeds and healthy granola bars. If you get this balance it right you won't find yourself experiencing any of the symptoms below due to sudden sugar highs followed by crashing lows. In addition, you will also be giving your body just what it needs so that it can focus its energy on detoxing your system.
  • increased appetite
  • food cravings
  • fatigue
  • feeling hyper and jittery
  • brain fog
Our beetroot and walnut dip recipe is a fantastic snack to prepare for a cleanse. Combine it with crudités or gluten free crackers and you are onto a winner that will balance the blood sugar levels perfectly. If you want some help with a cleanse, we can provide just that with our food delivery service Fridge Fill. We have a new Soup & Smoothie cleanse that is perfect for January and lots of other plans available too. Everything is freshly prepared and delivered straight to your door helping you to reach that optimum alkaline state. Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 13.51.45  Beetroot

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