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Why Be Organic - By Jo Wood

There are so many reasons to be organic, most importantly, that it’s what nature intended. For millennia, we ate only what we grew, hunted and foraged, but in less than a century the food we consume has changed irrevocably. Now we are so used to eating food that’s been messed about with in so many ways – processed, treated, GMO’d – that we’ve come to accept it, whereas organic food is seen as a bit weird or “alternative”! And this is all down to the greed of huge corporations, and the mass production of inferior, cheaply made food, maximising profit margins instead of nutritional value. Of course we didn’t notice initially: food was fast and convenient. But now the consequences are impossible to ignore, with the rapid rise in the western world of obesity, diabetes and cancer. My own “conversion” to organic happened in the early 1990’s when I was misdiagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and prescribed steroids for 2 years, the awful side effects of which led me to seek the help of a wonderful herbalist called Gerald Green. He sat me down and simply asked me what foods I ate, which at the time I thought was very strange! But for the following three hours we talked about food and he really opened my eyes to the (what now seems so obvious) connection between our food and our health. Gerald gave me the push I needed to change from a wild party girl into a wild-about-organic girl, and I've never looked back! Going organic has opened up a whole way of being and I appreciate the way it’s not only improved my overall health, my skin, my energy levels, but also the way it’s given me a much more  positive attitude towards life and an awareness of the need to protect our planet. Like Hippocrates, I believe “Your food shall be your medicine and your medicine shall be your food.” Organic produce is packed with vitamins, minerals and enzymes which fill us with health and vitality, without stripping our planet of its vitality. BETTER YOURSELF, BETTER YOUR PLANET,  BETTER GO ORGANIC! o.594 Article by Jo Wood, founder of Jo Wood Organics. Jo Wood We love Planet Organic and Wholefoods for the best produce. They have a great online stores too if you are not within reach: Wholefoods - Planet Organic Have a read here about why it is so important to choose organic meat to avoid high toxicity levels.

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