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What Superfoods Should I be Adding?

There are so many different superfoods, immune boosters, energy lifters and skin brightners out there on the shelf, all twinkling at you saying ‘pick me’. It’s all very well adding a bit of this and a bit of that to your smoothies or juices, but instead of plying your body with what it may not need, try to target areas of your wellbeing that you feel you need to improve. Find the right powder, capsule or shot that works with this area and set yourself on a course for at least a month – don't expect miracles in a matter of days, these things take time and you need to show some dedication. 14c0e821547b47a6eb40238340adc721Chlorella – IMMUNE, DIGESTIVE, LIVER & REGENERATIVE HEALTH Chlorella is a must have – especially for us Brits in the winter as it is packed full of the sunshine supplement, vitamin D.  Vitamin D not only makes us happy but it is thought to be vital in the fight against cancer. Take chlorella regularly and most certainly when you are on a cleanse, as studies show that it helps to remove from our liver the ever increasing levels of chemicals found in our food - namely pesticides and other chemicals use in non -organic farming (it can help with hangovers too)!  Being full of vitamin B2, selenium, zinc and vitamin K, chlorella is a fantastic support to the immune system while it works well with the bacteria in your gut and bowel to help maintain a healthy digestive system. Maca Powder – ENERGY, STRENGTH, HORMONES, FERTILITY Maca-powder-in-a-spoon Maca powder is best known for its amazing ability to boost energy levels. It is very high in iron, phosphorus and manganese. Iron helps with the formation of red blood cells and thus the transporting of oxygen around the body delivering strength and vitality. Manganese is vital in helping the body to repair and rebuild bones, teeth, hair and nails. Maca powder can also help to regulate testosterone, oestrogen and progesterone levels while studies have shown that sperm count and motility were improved in men taking maca powder. Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 11.25.17Spirulina – IMMUNITY, PROTEIN, BRAIN FOOD, CANCER, ALKALINE Spirulina is an alkaline hero. If you are battling cancer or have a history of the disease in the family, then spirulina (and wheatgrass) are really important. Cancer can not thrive so well in an alkaline environment so it is really important to monitor this. It is high in protein and helps to promote a healthy heart so is fantastic for those who are exercising a lot. Its high levels of vitamin B6 which helps to heal the body, while it also helps to regulate our moods. We have a whole load of green smoothie recipes in our cookbooks and on our site. Green smoothies are the perfect vessel for getting your spirulina in. Have one every morning. Acai Berry Powder: SKIN & CLEANSE 41af8e34741f19820d58b73750225b3aAcai berry is fantastic for the skin, it helps to slow down the ageing with its potent vitamin E content while nourishing it at the same time with its rich Omega-9 oleic acid. This is also a great one to have if you are on a detox or cleanse as it is a potent antioxidant and helps to protect the body from free radicals.  You can have it in capsule form or sprinkle a little into a boosting smoothie. Try this Wheatgrass - EVERYTHING! We love wheatgrass so much that we asked our friends at Evolution Organics to write about why it is so good for us. Check it out here. Lucuma Powder - DIGESTION, METABOLISM This sweet flavoured supplement is a fantastic source of potassium, sodium and phosphorous. A lack of sodium can result in muscle cramps after exercise so whipping up a sweet fix smoothie like this will sort you out no end. Potassium helps to regulate our metabolism at a cellular level and manages out hydration.  Phosphorus is important for bone and muscle formation, while it also helps to relieve symptoms like constipation and bloating thus allowing for a more regular and healthy digestive system. Here is a fantastic smoothie recipe to whip up using Lucuma powder. Organic Burst have a fantastic range of most of the above in both capsule and powder format. the-organic-burst-range

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