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Motivation Monday Menu

Has it been one of those weekends?? Or have you had a few days/weeks/months where that healthy lifestyle has rather gone out the window?? Fanfare - we are here to help! All of the dishes in our little Motivation Monday Menu can be prepared ahead on Sunday. Put your ingredients in your blender to blitz up your smoothie in the morning (its best to drink them freshly whizzed) here are some recipes for you. Make your juice now if that is easier and pop it in the fridge - lots of recipes in our cookbook. Roast them cashews (don't be naughty and eat them all now), and prepare your salad to dress in the morning. When you get home after your workout, all you need to do is pop that sweet potato in the oven and get the veg ready. Motivation Monday Menu   If you need some help then we are on hand with our Fridge Fill food delivery service and can fill your fridge up with healthy goodness that is delivered straight to your door. Book in if you know you have a busy week coming up. Here are the recipes you need. gr-2.jpeg  BFA_lenPomSa_25   WomensH_ 125  

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