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Top 3 Exercises For The Workplace - By Louise Hazel

It’s April already and if your New Year’s resolutions have worn thin already, here is a reminer that now is the ideal time to restart your preparations for that summer body! But with so little time on our hands, and dozens of excuses, you have no reason whatsoever for not shaping up this spring as I am going to guide you through my top 3 exercises that you can do at work to make sure those bums and tums are toned by the time they hit the beach.
  •  Squats: If you really want your rear to be the envy of the office, then I suggest you make a conscious decision to perfect your peach by incorporating squats into your everyday work routine. For example, offer to make your colleagues a hot beverage and aim to do up to 50 squats before the kettle has boiled.
Here is a tutorial to ensure that you adopt the correct technique!  
  •  AST2Calf Raises: If you want legs to die for then you need to accept that weights or resistance training is the only way to do it! However, thebest place to start is from the bottom up so calf raises are great if you want to create a toned and defined lower leg. Before you attempt to climb the office stairs, (in flat shoes) place your foot half on the edge of the step so that your heel is suspended, hold on to the bannisters and slowly roll up on to the balls of your toes before returning to a neutral position. This will also help to provide ankle stability so no more struggling in high heels.
Aim to do 30 repetitions 3 times daily on both feet. Once you feel stronger, you can alternate to single leg calf raises, 20 repetitions and 3 times daily.  
  •  Plank Challenge: If you want to be the office champion then this one is for you set an alarm every day at 2pm, once the buzzer goes all members of staff must assume a perfect plank position and test themselves to the limit. Each day the amount of time increases and only the best will survive. For an added twist, create a prize for the winner and record your results on a leader board.
For tips on perfect planking please see my tutorial below!   Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 10.31.48 Are you attempting a Workplace Challenge? Why not get your pals to do The Podium Effect Fitness Challenge! We’d love to hear from you, please tweet us your photos and we’ll share our favourites @honestlyhealthy @louisehazel Team the above with a 12 week Fridge Fill Deep Cleanse plan to prepare ahead and look your very best this summer.


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