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Avoiding Stress

One of the central areas of the Honestly Healthy alkaline way is stress. So often it is at the root of our problems and the food that you eat can play a huge role in this. Eating the alkaline way is a powerful way to reduce this stress. Some foods are what we call ‘acid forming’ meaning that eating them in excess creates a very acidic environment within our bodies – an environment that is much more friendly to parasites and disease.  An acidic environment (i.e. when the pH of your blood is lower than 7.35) that means that you are more prone to bloating, itchy skin, fatigue and poor sleep among numerous other ailments. When your body is trying to overcome these issues, it is working much harder and needs additional energy to combat them. 

It’s stressful. Here are some of the key food groups to avoid to lessen the physical stress on your body: 

Wheat & Gluten Think about bread and what the dough looks like before it is cooked. It is thick and gloopy and tough. That is what our bodies are having to process and it is incredibly difficult for the digestive system to break it down. Anything that requires hard work for the digestive system is going to mean added stress for the body.

Cow’s Dairy The majority of us are lactose intolerant and past the weaning ager we are simply not designed to process the amount of dairy products that we are consuming in todays age. Only around 35% of us are able to process lactose efficiently, meaning that the rest of us are putting our stomachs through thoroughly unnecessary levels of stress – especially when there are so many delicious alternatives to cows dairy out there.

Meat Our bodies have to work really really hard to break down meat. Our gaul bladders are but into overdrive and our liver has to go like the clappers. Unsurprisingly, this is hugely stressful for the body and consequently very acid forming. Needless to say this added pressure plays a prominent role in the development of cancers and other diseases.

Refined Sugar We really can’t stress enough how much of a poison sugar can be to our digestive system. Bacteria such as candida are in heaven when there are large quantities of sugar available to then. Living in the warmth of the large intestine and regularly fuelled by sugary treats, Candida will thrive, leaching your body of vital nutrients and causing additional stress to the body. In addition to the food that we are eating, there is the obvious role that the mind plays in our stress levels. So often when patients are looking for the root from where their disease has sprung, they are asked to look back to a time in their life when stress levels were high – perhaps at work, or because of a family issue.

Energy and the mind can play a huge role in this so it is important to be able to highlight when you are stressed and have strategies to hand that you can call on to help you out. Yoga, exercise, meditation, half an hour of quiet time, rest, sleep and meeting with friends are just a few tools to call on in times of stress. Make sure you use them when you feel the feeling coming on. Most importantly though is to eat well. Fill your diet with green leafy vegetables, root vegetables, seaweed, sprouts, seeds, tofu, apples, lemons, watermelons and other citrus fruits. Don’t make things more difficult for yourself at a difficult time by calling on the doughnuts – it will only add more stress to your body. 

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