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Sprout Up

Sprouts are just about the best foods that you can eat - full of minerals, vitamins and complete proteins. By munching on these living plant foods, all of their life giving energy is transferred straight from them to you. Seeds f256236d351553f661dcc00b0c255754are almost as good as sprouts, especially if you activate them before eating by soaking them for 10-15 minutes in water. They are some of the most alkaline things that we can eat and we should be including them in our diet every day. They are highly energising little buds of goodness which are incredibly easy for the body to digest, and all their many life-generating proteins and minerals (vitamins B5, B6, B2, riboflavin, and folic acid to name a few) are easily absorbed by the body. When most of us think of sprouts, we usually think of bean sprouts or alfalfa etc, but sprouts come from just about any seed, grain or bean - think mung beans, green lentil sprouts, sunflower sprouts, hemp sprouts, chickpea sprouts, buckwheat sprouts. The sprouted version is the very best way to eat all legumes. 5cd17a1461782c426d324115206fb3ddWe are big fans of all things homegrown and are always trying to find new things to grow in a small London garden and kitchen. Sprouts are one of the easiest things to have on the go and nothing feels more satisfying or healthy than sprinkling a pile of fresh, crunchy homegrown sprouts over your salad! Get yourself one of these sprout trays - they are not expensive and you will see the little wonders growing in front of your very eyes so you can enjoy them in no time. Alternatively, just grow them in an old jam jar! Remember they need air though. Here are some other goodies you can grow if your space is limited.    

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