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Mindless Eating - The Worlds Biggest Problem.

With much busier lifestyles, thoughtless eating is becoming a common scenario. Eating without paying attention to what you are putting inside your body is a road to a much bigger problem. mindfulnessOur culture is one of growing mindlessness when it comes to food, and thoughtless eating is especially destructive when it is a food that shouldn't be eaten regularly.  Calories you are not even enjoying and not listening to our bodies when they tell us that we have had enough. A casual piece of dairy milk at your desk to get you through an afternoon while concentrating on that spread sheet can be the first step. The next thing you know is it's gone and you barely even noticed!  As a result, in these circumstances, we normally indulge more than we would if we were eating mindfully. The three main causes of thoughtless eating appear to be: 1. Stress: We have all done it before - comfort eating when times get tough or mindless eating because you are too stressed out to think about what we are eating. If you eat well during times of stress, you are relieving the overall stress on your body. Take 10 minutes in the evening to prepare your breakfast for the next day. Your body will thank you. More on why stress is a the key of an acid forming diet here.  2. Multi-tasking: Eating should be an activity of its own, and by focusing your attention on something else whilst eating, you are more like to engage in thoughtless eating. 3. Missing out on meals: By missing a meal such as breakfast, it causes the blood sugar to become low and as a result, you are more likely to grab the nearest fix rather than thinking about what your body needs. Here are some super easy top tips for avoiding thoughtless eating: 1. Eat at a table and focus on the food that you are putting into your body. Take time to think about the delicious flavours that you have created and enjoy them! 2. Stop eating as soon as your stomach tells you that you have eaten enough. You can always eat more later on! mindfulness 23. When food is in plain sight, it’s convenient to grab a handful simply because it’s there. Be mindful and ask yourself if you are truly hungry at that moment? 4. Emotional eating only makes you feel worse afterwards, so whether you're hormonal, bored, or stressed, don't grab that  seemingly bottomless bag of crisps. Instead have a glass of water and head out for a walk. Easier said than done, but remove yourself from the situation and if you're really hungry, then let your body tell you, not your mind. 5. Be inspired by the food that you make. Cooking can be a really great way of embracing mindful eating. Check out our new cookbook Honestly Healthy for Life for inspiring recipes that are so deliciously healthy, your mind won't be able to focus on anything else! 6. Don't eat at your desk while you work. This is the best way to distract your mind from what you are eating. Leave the office, sit outside or in the kitchen for 10 minutes and leave your work behind. You will come back refreshed and able to work much harder anyway! This week,  just put aside a minimum of 20 minutes per day to focus mindfully on the food that you're eating. See whether your body tells you you're full before you finish everything on your plate and if the food tastes better.

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