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Benefits of a Plant Based Diet...

A plant based diet is defined by what it includes - yes, lots of plant food; vegetables, green leaves, plants, shrubs, sees, legumes and wholegrains. Eating more plants and less meat is becoming more and more popular, not only due to the health benefits, but also due to the environmental impact that eating meat has. I mean who doesn't want to embrace a diet that enables you to gain optimal energy, loose weight and prevent disease!? Find below the five top reasons why eating a plant based diet is fantastic! 80ce387cdff4a29bbd64b87bcbc344b21. Good for your health  A plant based diet plays a key role in the healing of the body, and has been seen as a way of averting and slowing the development of cancers.  The belief that we need animal protein in our diets is just not the case. We can get just as much protein through nutritionally rich foods such as chia seeds, walnuts and quinoa (try this quinoa and butternut squash with feta and kale for such an example).  The national health and nutrition examination survey claims that those under the age of 65 are four times more likely to develop cancer if their diet consists of increased levels of animal protein. Read more about this issue in our article on excess protein. 2. Aids Weight Loss Saturated fats are found primarily in animal based products such as meat, cheese and eggs. By avoiding these foods, we are also avoiding bad fats. However, not all fat is bad, there are plenty of brilliant fats to eat in produce like avocado's which are great for the body. Read our article on good fats vs bad fats here to find out how eating good fat, can still aid weight loss in comparison to bad fats such as meat which have been directly linked to obesity. 3. Good for the environment  Meg 2Did you know that our insatiable appetite for animal protein contributes towards 50% more greenhouse gases than our planes, trains, cars and trucks? Even if you cut down on your meat intake by half, or choose one day of the week when you won't be eating meat, then you will be making a difference. Also, you can replace meat with more nutritious foods such as wakame seaweed, which is just as yummy, really filling and so much better for your health as well as the environment! Foraged nettle soup4. Saves you money  Meat is not cheap! In comparison, whole grains especially in their uncooked form are so much cheaper, and with 12 hours soaking, and a bit of cooking they are so filling and versatile. From homemade humous, to this super alkalising puy lentil and pomegranate salad whole grains are the way forward and act as natures internal toothbrush for our gut. Also shopping at local markets for your fresh produce, and sticking to seasonal products will bring the pounds down even more. Even better,  head out and get foraging for some nettles to make this cleansing nettle soup!  5. You're not supporting animal cruelty One of the biggest things about supporting a plant based diet in my opinion is that you are not supporting animal cruelty, and instead are letting the cows be cows whilst you're cooking up a storm in the kitchen! If more people just cut down on their consumption of animal products, just think what a better place the world would be.  

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