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Green Clean Your House - 5 Cleaning Products To Make Yourself

As our lives become busier and with not enough hours in the day, it is easier to look at the products that are going to make any job get done quicker, especially when it comes to cleaning the bathroom, or kitchen sink; but have you ever thought about whats in these brightly coloured bottles, and what effect they have on the environment and yourself? According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the inside of our homes on average contain around two to five times as many common chemical pollutants than areas outside of homes. Considering most of us spend the majority of our time indoors, its no wonder that as a nation we are suffering more from symptoms of illnesses such as Asthma. Nevertheless, there is hope! A growing number of commercial non-toxic home cleaning products are becoming more available, as healthier and environmentally responsible alternatives. But there are also so many homemade cleaning products that you can create yourself really easily! Here are five eco cleaning products that you could make yourself to help get that Spring clean on! d9ac7969a0179d3a25c7cecde7beac461. Window Cleaner Some glass cleaners contain ammonia, which can create really harmful fumes if mixed with chlorine. Vinegar and water can cleanse greasy surfaces without releasing the harmful chemicals that we would otherwise breathe in. Its as simple as mixing three basic ingredients: one part vinegar, four parts water and a few drops of herbal oils. Pour this mixture into a reusable spray bottle and use it to clean surfaces like glass or appliances without leaving streaks. Alternatively, Citra Clear natural window and glass cleaner works really well on windows.  2. Carpet Stains  Mix equal parts white vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Spray directly on stain, let sit for several minutes, and clean with a brush or sponge using warm soapy water, and there we are a super clean carpet!  3. Kitchen Surface Stain Remover  Make a paste from salt, lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda. Not only do tea and wine stains disappear after a vigourous rub, but the kitchen will smell really natural and lemony afterwards. You do need to rinse the water afterwards to get rid of the matt residue, but this natural stain remover, is easy to make, and is pretty cheap too! 4. Shoe Polish Mix some olive oil with a few drops of lemon juice and then apply to shoes with a rag. Leave for a few minutes; wipe and buff until nice and shiny. Easy peasy lemon squeezy (quite literally!) 5. Air Freshener Use baking soda and natural oils instead of aerosols to freshen the air in your home. We suggest perhaps opening a pot of baking powder and placing it wherever smells are produced for example in the bottom of your fridge, or in the bottom of your dustbins. Also, placing lavender into boiling water before receiving guests creates a beautiful really natural smell. So heres just a few ways of creating a fresh and clean house without using any nasty chemicals. Although as I said earlier, there are plenty of environmental options to buy on the market (we love Ecover), so if making these doesn't seem for you, then take a look at those. Meg 6  

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My wife is really big into cleaning our home. I am pretty sure that we own most of these cleaning supplies. I am going to double check to see if I need to replace them.

Jun 29, 2016

Lucy Parker:

Such a useful article! I would never think of using a lemon for cleaning in the kitchen! Thank you so much for sharing!

Jan 13, 2016

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