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Louise Galvin Natural Hair Care

The lifestyle choices we make can directly impact our hair. Poor food and drink choices, not enough exercise and inadequate haircare products all contribute to unhealthy looking hair. I created my hair care range because I was frustrated by the lack of natural and ethical products available. Chemical ingredients such as silicone and sodium lauryl sulphate undermine and destroy our hair’s natural ability to shine. My range is not only free from sodium lauryl sulphate but also contains no propylene glycol, parabens or synthetic polymers which means the hair and the environment are protected from those chemical nasties, found in so many other brands. Conditioner02RGBOne of my key ingredients is Ximenia Oil, also known as Seaside Plum. A rich natural oil that works like a serum, moisturising and smoothing the hair, leaving it soft and silky but still manageable. Another vital ingredient is Inulin, a natural derivative of chicory found in my shampoos.  Inulin, is a Prebiotic to protect the scalps ecosystem and stimulate its defense barrier by preventing colonization of harmful flora, promoting a healthy scalp which in turn reduces dry, flaky patches and improves hair growth. I try to live by my own philosophy day to day, (though I will admit I love a great glass of red wine!) and as an avid fan of Honestly Healthy – particularly their delicious salads and grain dishes. They are so easy to make simple, nourishing and appetising food for the whole family with readily available ingredients. A real favourite for me – and my three children, aged from one to seven - is the Red Rice and Beetroot Risotto. Each choice we make impacts our life, and often our health too.  Choosing to eat ‘better’ and use products bursting with natural, nurturing ingredients can make all the difference to our well-being, and definitely helps towards fabulous looking hair! See here for more brilliant products from Louise Galvin shot 2_268_Re_Touched

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