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Happy Food Revolution Day!

Happy Food Revolution Day all! My goodness Jamie Oliver is amazing to have made a day that shouts about such a brilliant and thoroughly important cause - chefs hats off to him! We are so happy to be involved as it is our job to make sure that the next generation are educated about what they are eating, and most importantly how to make it healthily. There is just no use sending them off into the big wide world with a microwave and a tin of beans! I think I am really a bit of a kid at heart really when it comes to food - if I were to list some of my favourite things to eat and drink, brownies, pizza, milkshakes and cakes would most likely be on that list. Luckily for me though, I know how to make all of those things, but the healthy way. So this is what Food Revolution Day is all about, passing on the knowledge and showing the young that food can not only be delicious, but making it can be one hell of a lot of fun too. So we hear that we have got a bit of a sunny weekend lined up and I don't know about you but it is feeling pretty Summery to me these days and Summery = ice lollies. I have dedicated a whole section in my new cookbook Honestly Healthy For Life to kids parties the healthy way - and my ice lollies recipe from that chapter is one of my favourites. What better recipe to then share with you all on this Food Revolution Day? Hel_KidsParty_13  Fruity Ice Lollies You can use whatever flavour combinations you like in these summery refreshers. Simply make purees and freeze them in the moulds. Enjoy mixing and matching the flavour combinations and get the kids involved! Thy will love it and may well make a bit of mess on the way so aprons on! Makes 6-8 lollies:
  • 4 ripe apricots, de-stoned and 65ml of alkaline or filtered water
  • 3 kiwi fruits, skins removed, 10g fresh mint and 65ml of alkaline or filtered water
  • 150g blueberries and 100ml goat's yoghurt
  • 400g strawberries and 65ml of alkaline or filtered water
  • 1 banana, 20g raw cashew nuts and 100ml of alkaline or filtered water
  • 400g pineapple and 80ml of alkaline or filtered water
Method: Puree the ingredients for each flavour in a high speed blender. Make each flavour separately, so that you have a range of flavours to play with. Remember to rinse the blender between each whizz! Pour the purees into the ice pop holders as pure flavours and layer them to create multi striped tasty wonders. Freeze for 3-4 hours and then enjoy! Here are some of my other favourite recipes to get the kids involved in. Get them involved this weekend. [slideshow gallery_id="5"]  

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