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At home with Jason Gardiner

Jason G a wonderful friend of mine and an avid fan of Honestly Healthy told me one day that he loved mexican food, but that being healthy all of the time meant that he did not eat it very often. He said that he would love to have a mexican recipe that he could have and feel good at the same time.  

So my mind started to race thinking what I could create.  I think that it's simple to say that this Nachos recipe is one of my finest pieces of work! I made them for a dinner party at home using my friends as guinea pigs and they got demolished within 10 minutes. I think they were a hit! 

So the next day I called Jason and told him that I had solved the problem and invited him around to learn how to cook them in my kitchen. It was very amusing to say the least... cooking is perhaps not his strong point but after getting his hands dirty he got the hang of how to use a rolling pin and the result was these delicious nachos. The video will be coming soon but until then enjoy the recipe here!

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