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Why Choose Organic Superfood Supplements - by Organic Burst

At Organic Burst, we like to think that the organic principals of our superfood supplements filter through into everything we do and that they help us run our business ethically. To help you understand what organic means, whether it is right for you and the difference organic practices can make to the environment and people’s lives, we have provided a brief overview below, along with the organic story behind each of our superfoods.

Organic for Dummies Organic means:
  • Excellent environmental practices
  • High levels of biodiversity
  • Preservation of natural resources
  • High animal welfare standards
  • No genetically modified crops or ingredients.
In practice, this means that Organic Burst ingredients are grown without pesticides, non-organic fertilisers, and that the finished products do not contain any fillers or additives. The commonly used additives in other nutritional supplements such as magnesium stearate and titanium dioxide, are banned by the Soil Association. Even if we were allowed additives, we wouldn’t use them; our products only contain pure and unadulterated superfoods. Organic is not empty talk – all genuinely organic products have to carry a certification logo and should not be labelled ‘organic’ without it. Organic standards for food are laid down in European Union (EU) law. At Organic Burst we chose to certify with the Soil Association, known for their strict standards. The Soil Association is a UK-based charity, which promotes and develops sustainable approaches to food, farming and other products and does regular inspections and certification of its licensed brands. Organic Burst products are registered with the Vegan Society, so no ingredients of animal origin are involved in our production. For us having ‘organic mindset’ also means being ethical in working with people - we contribute to industries that provide opportunities and economic success for rural workers and where social responsibility rules are practised. How Are Certified Organic Superfoods Different? Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 10.04.17Organic Burst Baobab Even though baobab trees are part of the landscape of Africa, and they don’t exist on farms as such, we work with harvesters who only pick from trees in Certified Organic Reserves. These reserves are monitored to ensure that the majestic trees are not over-harvested, the ecosystem is protected and harvesters receive a premium price for working within these restrictions. Organic Burst Acai Organic Burst Acai capsules contain only the whole freeze-dried fruit, no powders to make the machines run more smoothly or binders that make it less bio-available, only 100% pure acai. Our acai berries grow on palms of the Amazonian rainforest. By using trees for harvest, they are saved from destruction and also provide the growers with life-changing incomes. Organic Burst Spirulina and Chlorella Organic Burst Spirulina and Chlorella are grown high up on a Mongolian plateau in underground mountain spring water, cultivated using only plant-based organic fertilisers that are produced on the farm itself. This is by no means the norm on the market today, as many spirulina suppliers use Chilean Nitrate, a mined fertiliser that is banned by EU organic standards. Chilean Nitrate can cause environmental contamination and, in humans, exposure can result in a higher risk of cancers. Amazingly Organic Burst Spirulina and Chlorella in tablet form do not need any extra ingredients to stay tabulated, they are held together simply by pressure! Organic Burst Wheatgrass Our nutritionally dense wheatgrass is cultivated in green green fields, where organic certified farmers use no pesticides, herbicides or fertilisers. The way the leaves are then carefully dried and ground means that Organic Burst Wheatgrass retains all its nutrients, including fibre, essential fatty acids and Vitamin A. Importantly, no other substances are added in the process. Organic Burst Maca True to the organic ethos of biodiversity, our maca comes from fields in the Peruvian Andes, where four different ecotypes of maca root are grown together to make the plants stronger and more nutrient dense. Organic Burst Maca Powder contains a unique blend of white, red, black and purple maca types, cultivated by family growers, who learned how to harvest these hardy roots from their ancestors. Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 10.05.17 Claire Harper DipIONFdSc, mBANT, CNHC is a nutritionist at Organic Burst. She has been featured in many publications including Marie Claire, Women’s Fitness, Top Sante, Now, Natural Health, Daily Express and more.    

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