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My organic holiday in Morocco

I wanted to take my fiancé away for his birthday weekend and he had never been to Morocco so thought it would be an easy escape to the sun in May to get my pre-summer fix of Vitamin D that has been much needed.

I spoke to a great friend of mine from the brand influencer company Wicker Wood as she knows all the amazing hidden places to go to. And she suggested I go to the Gazelle D'ore just outside Marrakech near Agadir.  It is set on its own private organic farm.  It looked stunning and just what we needed after a busy half of the year. We were greeted at the airport with a wave of hot air and quickly got ushered into an air conditioned car and were taken to this gorgeous walled hotel.


Driving down the most exquisite drive lined with overgrown bamboo, we couldn't wait to get inside!  We were welcomed with a refreshing fresh juice and showed to our suite. Each room has a balcony over looking the beautifully manicured garden, a huge bathroom and a stunning traditionally designed bedroom. Oh and the beds are big which is always a bonus when you are sharing with a 6ft 4in man! The food was exquisite and catered for vegetarians.  


The first lunch we had was a buffet which was by far the best of the whole holiday. Plates and plates of delicious salads picked that day from their organic farm. The freshness was amazing and made the food taste unbelievable. I also find that when I eat freshly picked and organic foods, I get fuller quicker as they are so full and rich in nutrients your body just knows that you need less.

We spent the next 3 days lazing by the pool reading, going to the small (and hot) gym, wandering into the local souks (we had a guide) or eating more delicious food. Wandering around the gardens was wonderful, they were so beautifully kept and you were never alone as the owners dog (a cross between a staffy and boxer I think) was always willing to join you. She also took residence in our room for a couple of days until a new guest arrived and she moved on to them. She was very sweet and loving and very much a part of the hotel.



The only down side was that we went for a ride on their stallions around the farm and they seemed extremely thin which was very upsetting.  My friend who had been a few months before said that they looked well then.  I am an animal lover and think that it is never necessary especially when all the other animals were so well looked after and plump! We had such a relaxing trip and came back very nurtured and nourished and I would love to go back again next year. 

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