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Five Reasons To Take Chlorella - By Organic Burst

The Superfood Cell Renewer Chlorella - You know it’s green (it contains the highest amount of pure chlorophyll per gram of any plant on earth) and has something to do with energy and detoxification. Sounds good hey!? The wonderful Organic Burst give us a better understanding of this wonderful algae, and tell us about how you might feel if you choose to take Organic Burst Chlorella
  1. Good as new: Chlorella quadruples itself every 24 hours, so when we eat it, our rate of renewing our body’s tissues improves. Organic Burst Chlorella is grown high in the Mongolian mountains with extraordinary levels of bright sunshine, meaning is has especially high contents of Vitamin D, folic acid and iron help to build new cells in the body. For this reason, chlorella can be used to help treat serious things like degenerative and nerve disorders, as well as having a renewing and anti-aging effect on the skin cells. That’s something to smile about!
  2. Liver help: The daily onslaught of toxins and chemicals going into our bodies puts our livers under more pressure than they were ever designed to take. Chlorella is a strong detoxifying agent and helps to remove alcohol, pesticides, other toxins and environmental pollutants from the liver. Organic Burst Chlorella is grown without exposure to Chilean Nitrate or heavy metals, and every batch is tested independently to prove that no contaminants ever enter our bottles. Phew, take a cleansing breath of relief.
  3. Digestive health: The cell renewal benefits of chlorella mean it helps to improve the balance of bacteria in the digestive system by increasing the growth rate of beneficial bugs. Taking Chlorella every day very often results in a much more healthy and regular function of the bowel. You’ll feel lighter and more energised.
  4. Green gorgeousness: Organic Burst Chlorella is grown in such enriching mountain spring water, that its content of beautifying nutrients, including zinc, Vitamin B2 and selenium will promote radiant skin and stronger growing hair and nails. A top beauty buy for those in the know, which you now are!
  5. Raise your metabolism: The key nutrient for the thyroid gland is iodine, which is present in high quantities in Organic Burst Chlorella. A healthily functioning thyroid gland is the foundation of a good metabolism, so if you have an underactive thyroid, you may notice a difference in energy levels and weight with chlorella.
Three ways to use chlorella
  1. Take after a long flight to restore the body after exposure to radiation during flying.
  2. Try taking 4-6g of chlorella before a night out. Japanese researchers found that it prevented hangovers 96% of the time!
  3. Start including chlorella into your daily routine for a week before an important event to look and feel your absolute best.
 Claire Harper DipIONFdSc, mBANT, CNHC is a nutritionist at Organic Burst. She has been featured in many publications including Marie Claire, Women’s Fitness, Top Sante, Now, Natural Health, Daily Express and more.

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