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The 'A,B,C' Of Mindful Eating

We have got a very strict team at HH about taking time out to eat. No phones, computers, televisions or magazines allowed at meal times. We need to be aware of what we are eating - not only because it helps us to acknowledge when we are full, but it encourages us to take a moment during a busy day. When we eat a meal in front of the computer or television, our brains are not sending the correct messages to our stomachs so we tend to be less likely to register when we are full - no wonder the Western world has a growing obesity issue! Here are some tricks to remember: A - allocate time to eat. Aim to set aside at lease 20 minutes for a meal and preferably more if you can. Do not engage in anything else aside from eating and conversation with others at the table. Take time and think about what is on your plate - hopefully it's a delicious and nutritious HH style number! iPods, newspapers, books, magazines, computers, televisions not allowed. B - be engaged. Know the food that you are eating. It is not just a case of meat and two veg on the plate. Know what you are going to be getting out of each food group on your plate. That way you can ensure that your diet is balanced and your plate full of all the right things - an array of colours (no beige only plates please), proteins in the form of seeds, nuts & legumes, leafy vegetables, herbs and vital minerals and nutrients. C - chew your foods. I am always telling my friend off for not chewing his food. If he is really hungry, he will chew a mouthful of risotto once or twice (if we are lucky) before swallowing it! Apart from getting a much lesser taste profile on the delicious dish, the stomach has to work much harder to carry out the work that the enzymes in the saliva would have otherwise done! A number of yogic practices dictate that you should chew each mouthful 30-50 times before swallowing. This ancient way of eating mindfully lets the flavour develop far more in your mouth meaning that you can often gain a much sweeter taste towards the end of your chewing - that is always good!

As the proverb goes: 'When walking, walk. When eating, eat.' 

Try our healthy Nachos recipe - they are so good that I am sure they will have your whole attention from start to finish!


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