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Key Kit For Your Kitchen

As I have gotten older, there have been distinct moments that have hit me and made me realise that I am very much 'older'. It all started with kitchen equipment. At school, I was really not that bothered by a Kitchen Aid or a good peeler. It was not until I mentioned to a friend with great excitement that I had just got an AMAZING new whisk with a little whisk ball inside it that I realised it was happening. She really did not care. I very much did however and was surprised by quite how much I was.


The next stage was a deep interest in home furnishings, curtains, soap, comfortable clothing and now gardening. Don't get me wrong, I totally love all of these things and am beyond happy to admit it, as cringing as my teenage self would have thought it to be. Some might call it, growing up, others just being uncool and some perhaps just nesting.... Anyway, in the early days when my new grown-up passion for kitchen equipment started to develop, I found that these were the key things that my kitchen could not be without.


My one piece of advice to you all would be - don't go for the cheapest option! I know it is so easy to say, but save a little bit more and buy something good. It makes the most incredible difference to not just your cooking but your life - trust me! Poor potato peelers, poor blenders and non-stick frying pans are key culprits! So here are my kitchen 'investment pieces'!

  1. Food processor - I have a trusty Magimix. It has been a friend for a very long time and has seen a lot of recipe development!
  2. Blender - if you follow Honestly Healthy, you will know that it is an every day piece of equipment. As vital to me as a knife and fork. I swear by my Vitamix and have a fantastic Nutri Bullet too!
  3. Juicer - Phillips and Sage do good and reliable juicers.
  4. Hand-held blender - I use mine a lot if I am making a puree. In my book, no Sunday roast is complete without a puree - I often opt for sweet potato or pea. A hand-held blender is great for this. Kitchenaid do a really good one - Phillips too.
  5. Mandolin - now this might not be one for all of you but it is key in my kitchen. Beetroot carpaccio or lovely thin slices of fennel in a salad. Just be careful you don't chop your fingers off.
  6. Good knives - once you hone your chopping skills, there is nothing more frustrating than the wrong knives for the job - especially when you are cooking for lots of people. My tip is go Japanese - try getting a Santoku knife which has a flat bottom.
  7. Spiralizer - THE easiest, cheapest and most fun of all gadgets, and a sure-fire way to get in more greens! Kids love courgetti too. Order your Honestly Healthy Spiralizer here.
  8. A good peeler - I urge you to purchase a good one. It makes peeling so much easier and almost fun. No tiny little strokes on a wobbly blade, just long clean strokes and minimal time. I love this one
  9. Electric scales - I am afraid I have to promote electric when it comes to scales. It is the only way to be really precise.
  10. Microplane - a microplane is a really fine grater. Forget about slaving over the fine part of your cheese grater, get yourself a microplane for beautifully fine citrus zest, grated cheese, fresh nutmeg and all sorts.

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