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Seaweed - For Weight Loss, Immunity & Ultimate Health

We have started to use seaweed more and more in the Honestly Healthy kitchen. Not only is it hugely impressive in the alkaline stakes, but offers some of the highest quality and quantity of nutrition found in any food. If you are looking to up your immunity or cleanse your body, then we cannot urge you more to include more seaweed in your diet. Try having it for dinner every Monday night for a month and see how you feel. It truly is one of the most positive and healthy ways to start your week. Here are a few more reasons to indulge.

1. It promotes thyroid health, increased metabolism & weight loss: Being rich in iodine, seaweed helps to stimulate the thyroid gland to produce thyroxine which is a hormone required to stimulate and regulate the metabolism. Much harder to come by in the modern day diet, seaweed is one of the few natural ingredients that contains iodine. Not only that, but a fibre known as alginate can limit the quantity of fat absorbed by the body - not that you should be eating too much in the first place though!

2.  Providing a wave of nutrients, seaweed is packed with:

  • Manganese - great for bone health & controlling blood sugar levels
  • Vitamin A - great for the skin & the immune system
  • Vitamin B2 - vital for the digestion and metabolization of all proteins, fats and carbohydrates
  • Zinc - immense immune support, aids skin tone, healing, cell generation and fertility
  • Iron - required for red blood cell health which is vital for transporting oxygen around the body

Aside from the above, some seaweeds contain more iron than red meat, more protein than eggs and the same quantity of essential fatty acids as two whole avocados!

3.  It is a potent anti inflammatory & antioxidant: As we mentioned in our article, inflammation in the body can lead to a whole rang of problems from cardiovascular disease, asthma, arthritis and cancer. Seaweed is full of the antioxidants vitamin C and E and coupled with high quantities of zinc and manganese it is an incredible ingredient for ridding the body of acid and a build up of oxidative stress. Not only that but it is key in the removal of free radicals from the body.

4. Key in the prevention of heart disease: We have all heard before that the rates of heart disease are considerably lower in the likes of Japan and this is entirely down to diet. Blood pressure levels can be greatly benefitted by the increased levels of of vitamins C, folic acid and magnesium - all of which are found in seaweed. Not only that, but eating lots of seaweed is fantastic if you need to lower your cholesterol.

5. Fantastic for hair, skin and nails: It is said that hair is a direct indication of how healthy we are on the inside, while the hair itself can be an key indicator to the levels of toxins, heavy metals and nutrients in the body. Silica and amino acids found in most seaweeds are the very building blocks of our hair and nails, and getting enough of these minerals is key for glowing hair and strong nails. Lots of you will be a little daunted by the idea of using seaweed and how best to use it. Wakame, Arame, Nori and Dulse are all fantastic varieties to try and are not just for sushi. All you need to do is soak them in a little lukewarm water as per packet instructions - usually no more than 30 minutes. Chop them into strands if needs be (Wakame) and add them to salads with delicious zingy dressings, toasted seeds and all sorts. We have an immensely alkaline Citrus Seaweed Salad recipe in our second cookbook Honestly Healthy For Life which is hugely cleansing and one of the best ways to give your body a forcible immune boost. Don't forget that if you are planning to loose weight you will need to add some good excercise in your daily routine which is what we have packed in our 30 day slimdown ebook


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