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Green smoothies + Bobbi Brown makeup

I found out that THE Bobbi Brown is a fan of my books which is quite overwhelming to be honest as she is so amazing and a wonderful business woman. She asked me if I could come along to her press day and make green smoothies for everyone and talk about how to nourish the skin from the inside out.

I was delighted to, as I love talking about this subject so much. For me, the skin can only look so good with makeup.  You really need to glow from the inside and to do that you need to be eating the right foods.

The 3 main things that I suggested to improve that glow are:

1. Stay hydrated. By drinking lots of water you help to flush the toxins and impurities out of the body.

2. Say no to refined sugar. Sugar is the one thing that destroys the collagen in the body, collagen makes you look young and radiant.

3. Eat healthy fats. Not all fat is bad for you and getting your essential fatty acids into the body is amazing for glowing skin. These involve avocados, chia seeds, nuts and seeds.

I also discussed the importance of balance and moderation. I believe fully in the 70/30 rule so that you never feel that you are missing out. 70% of the time follow a healthy alkaline lifestyle and 30% you can let your hair down and do what you want.  This way you are never depriving yourself of anything.  If you want to eat brownies or pizza for example just find the healthy alternative that is not full of refined flour and sugars but use gluten free and natural sugars so that you are still nourishing the body. I then made everyone green smoothies which they all loved! Green is good!

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