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Why tennis is great for your health...

With Wimbledon looming, we thought that we would write something about the benefits of tennis for your body. Summer is a time for tennis, with grass season in full flow, and not only that, its a great way of getting outdoors!

Because it's a low-impact sport and it's not dependent entirely on the strength of the player, tennis is a game for all - get the family involved. Tennis provides both aerobic and anaerobic fitness. Aerobic fitness burns fat and improves your cardiovascular fitness. In contrast, anaerobic fitness helps the muscles to use oxygen more efficiently and tone up - all that from the short outbursts of intensity and rest involved in tennis - it really is a body beautiful sport!

So heres a few health benefits that you can get from playing some summer tennis!

   1. Agility and co-ordination - Agility is a skill that is improved by playing tennis. It
   requires your body to engage with its motor skills and manoeuvre itself to move
   your feet and arms so that the racquet can meet the ball. Hand-eye coordination is
   also key. You ain't gonna get this kind of skill from the treadmill and you will find it
   helps in all sorts of walks of life - maybe even being the first to whip the last
   brownie off of the plate!

   2. Weight loss - Playing tennis involves moving your whole body - moving your
   feet, legs, arms and upper body and is therefore a pretty good work out.
   Combined with the vitamin D from the great outdoors, a few cheeky green juices,
   and you'll be bouncing like a tennis ball all summer! 

   3. Decrease your risk of heart disease
 - By maintaining a healthy body weight,    
   lowering cholesterol and being psychically active you are going to dramatically
   reduce the risk of heart disease. Playing tennis can help you accomplish these
   things,by enabling weight loss, and increasing cardiovascular fitness.

Maria Sharapova didn't get that body just by watching the tennis...NO. I mean eat your strawberries and picnic it up whilst cheering Murray on at Wimbledon but, get your body moving, hit the tennis court and get whacking some balls to look and feel great this summer!

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Feb 08, 2016

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