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The Nutritional Balance

Food pyramid smaller We are always talking about balance when it comes to our lives - work and play, exercise & chill, alone and people time. But perhaps one of the most important balances to get right is the nutritional balance. At the core of this balancing act is ensuring that we are not stimulating our bodies with the wrong foods. Sugars and processed foods weigh heavily on one end of the scale, dramatically tipping this balance. As a result, and in attempt to redress the balance, our adrenal glands start to produce the stress hormone cortisol. High levels of cortisol in the body can have all sorts of ill effects on our health, battering our immune system and weakening our very cell structure. The key that we should all focus on is maintaining a nutrient dense diet. Maintain this and the craving for 'stimulating' foods will reduce and the excessive pressure on the adrenal glands decreases. You will quickly find that you are filled with boundless energy. Some key areas to notice about our balance pyramid are...

1. Not too many starches and grains: At the top of the pyramid at 5% are starches and grains. We would be willing to bet that starches and grains make up considerably more than 5% of your diet. Try and keep this figure in your mind when you think of your diet as a whole and plan your meals. If you are looking to lose weight, then keeping this figure to 5% is critically important.

2. You don't need that much protein: Proteins make up 20% of the pyramid. Ingredients such as seaweed are incredibly nutritionally dense and contain more protein than eggs. Think about how much the balance of the pyramid would topple if you are having meat every day, let along twice/three times a day. We do not need a huge amount of protein and if you eat a plant based diet you will not have a problem. If in doubt, up your intake of hemp seeds - that will do the trick!

3. Fats are good: Don't ditch the fats. They are called essential because they are. Our bodies are unable to produce certain essential fats so it is so important to source them in your ingredients. Here is the inside story on good fats v's bad fats.  And finally, remember by eating the right things, the body needs to focus less energy on digestion and more energy on having fun and looking good.

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